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Sun Oct 9, 2016 06:26

Here's the last one I have,though please let me say one last thing. I hired someone else to translate these for me. If anyone has any complaints regarding the translation please do not direct them at me. With that said here is the link to the original.

Good afternoon, nice to meet you. My name is Mashiro Kayo.

Lately, everyone around me is in heart-ache. My actions are for their sake. I am still inexperienced but, if you happen to pass by me and have any worries or the like, please tell me of them. I'll show you I'll do whatever is in my ability to help ease my client's worries. So please, take it easy and share your problem with me.

Reward? Oh no, I don't accept money. If the customer is happy, that is best reward.

Now then, the customer this time is...


Night is dawning.

Todoroki, a young man, is standing there with a high quality camera in hand, eyes blazing.

He is in front of a massive event hall that was built on the coast.


Todoroki was surprised.


“What're you doing in a place like this?”

He's taken aback by a girl who has suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

“Uh... er, who are you?”

“This is who I am”

The girl held out a business card. “Whether worries of the heart or body, I will undertake them. Mashiro Kayo” was written on it.

Todoroki sighed in relief.

“Jeez... I thought you were a rival or something”

“What? A rival?”

“You don't know? There's going to be a motor show here shortly”


“Actually, today is limited just to industry members but, I was secretly able to get a hold of a ticket”

“Is that so...”

“It turns out that their going to announce a rumored new car model today. In other words, I'm going to be the first amateur to get a look at it in all of Japan... no in the whole world.”

“So you're a car maniac”

“Pretty much. I'm just so excited I can't stand it!”

Said Todoroki, cheerfully.

“...So, could it be that you're related to this event somehow?”

“Nope, I'm not”

“Oh is that right...”

“However, if you have some kind of wish, I can grant it”

“For real!?”


“Sweet, then help me be the first to get alongside the cars! I don't care even if I have to work my ass off as a staff member, as long as I can be around the cars all day!”

“Understood! Ok then, come here”

Todoroki is checks his watch.

“We're running out of time so let's go”

“That's the staff room”

“Right, but it'll be impossible as you are now, I'll prepare you now”


In that moment, Todoroki's chest began to swell out.

“Huh? ...What the-?”

At the same time his waist shrank and became slender. His shoulders narrowed down and his whole body was transfigured into a thin and frail body frame. His now thin legs became pigeon-toed and his hair grew to be long and beautiful.

“Wh-What is this?”

The sound of his voice was higher than it was before, and sounded quite lovely.

Without even having time to be surprised about the transformation process the surface of his sneakers turned into a jet-black enamel. The toe end tapered down and the heels that appeared grew out.


While still shocked about his sneakers transforming into high-heels, his pants changed into a jet-black color as well, stuck tightly to his legs, and exposed the beautiful legs of a young girl. A countless number of small holes began to appear and spread out, turning them into charming fish-net stockings. His shirt fused with his pants and became a high-leg leotard.

A notch suddenly appeared in the shoulders of his shirt and widened to expose his bare skin, all the way from his back to his upper chest. Only a collar, which had wrapped tightly around his neck, was left over, and it then changed into a black necktie. His remaining clothes shrunk down till his cleavage became visible and thin shoulder straps appeared, gripping his shoulders. Cuffs were fastened around his wrists with buttons and a crimson manicure dyed the nails of his beautiful fingers.

“Ah... Uh...”

Earrings hung from his ear lobes, and a somewhat heavy amount of makeup was applied on his face. His baseball cap imitated a bunny ears hair accessory, and a puffy, white rabbit's tail appeared on his butt.

In an instant, Todoroki turned into a voluptuous bunny girl.

“What in the world... just happened...?”

Standing there was a bunny-girl who was having difficulty holding her balance. Her high-heels clacked along with her slight movements.

“So what do you think? It's perfect right?”

Todoroki looks over his completely transformed bunny-girl body. His body is slender, and his daring cleavage is very in-your-face.

“This is the costume for the campaign girls this year. With this, you'll be able to be next to the cars the whole day! Just leave it to me! No no, it's fine I said! I don't need any reward. I'm satisfied as long as my customer is happy, you see”

I had some business to take care of after that so I went back home but, I wonder if it went well? Well, I'm sure it's fine. For someone as passionate as he is about cars, he should be plenty happy. Even now I can only imagine him being so excited that he can't even move one step. Gosh, it just feels great to do a good deed, doesn't it.

Well then, until next time! Maybe I'll be in your town tomorrow.

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