how to view dead pages
Tue Oct 25, 2016 16:09

In searching for the pictures to "Non Friendly Two Guys" (if you have them let me know!) It came to my attention that a lot of links to off site seem to be dead.

The forums seem to be pretty quiet here now but for any one who sees this, there is a work around.

We were fortunate in that the "Way Back Machine" (an internet archival bot") appears to have done a good job saving the pages.

So if you hit a dead link, plug the URL into the Way Back Machine and you might find what you were looking for.

A few things to keep in mind:

1. The archive doesn't really know when a link is dead so the last few snapshots of the page are probably going to be a replica of the 404 page you get to on the current web, try selecting an earlier date if that happens to you.

2. when it archives a page, sometimes the pages it links to are saved as well but sometimes they are not so you may need to back up a few years to find a snapshot that has the rest of the website for the links to work properly.

Example: This 2012 snapshot appears to be the last time the links to all the Kayo chan stories were saved along with the list page.

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