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Tue Nov 15, 2016 15:03

Because Mashiro's stories are something of a guilty pleasure for me I have decided to have some more of his work translated. These are expensive though so don't expect them that often. Here is the first one called Partner. If anyone sees any errors (assuming anyone besides me is still checking this forum) feel free to correct them.

Hello. Nice to meet you. My name is Mashiro Kayo.

There are so many very lonely people these days. I am working for those people. I am
Not the most experienced person, however please tell me your troubles when you happen to pass by me. Let me show you how I can dispel problems for those people relying on me as much as my abilities allow me to. Please don't hesitate speak with me today.

A fee? No, I do not require any money. I am just happy to see the smiling faces of those that I help. Their smiling faces is my payment.

And so, on to the current customer...


That boy, his sigh echoed.

He was wearing a formal suit. He didn't have a bad appearance at all. But, he lacked a special something. His whole look wasnt bad or good, it was just average.


He looked this way in shock.

There was an elementary school girl.

Kasuga was confused.

"Here you are!"

She handed over a business card. On the business card read, 'I accept all kinds of physical and mental problems. Mashiro Kayo'.

"What? Who are you?"

"I'm a sales lady."

"A sales lady?!"

"Yes. Please tell me if you have any problems."


Kasuga didn't look very interested at all.

"What's wrong? You aren't yourself, huh?"

"Hmm? I'm fine. I've attended it and it's over."


"Weren't you also at the party? The party tonight?"


Kasuga let out a smirk at my carefree attitude.

"Right, so... can you be my partner?"

"Partner? OK."

"Do you really understand what I'm saying?!"

"Yeah, I think so."

"No, you don't."

"Haha. OK, maybe I don't."

"You are kind of cute, huh?"

"Haha... Don't flatter me!"

The shy girl went red.

"My university focuses on athletics and it is mainly boys who attend."

"I see..."

"It's a once-in-a-year opportunity. To say I supply would sound rude, but I promise them that the opposite sex will come from the college opposite."

"That's great..."

"That's if I had a partner... though."

"Yeah yeah... I'll be your partner."

"And... rumor has it that the most beautiful boy in this school has caught a cold and is off sick today. I'm feeling good."

"So that's why you were signing in the boys changing rooms at this time. Just come here."

The girl stood up and came towards Kasuga.

Go for it, Kasuga! Stand up.

"OK... close your eyes."

In for a penny, in for a pound ... as they say. Kasuga closes his eyes.

But the sign to tell him to open his eyes never came. Had he been taken for a ride?


He tried calling her. There wasn't any reply, but.. he had a bad feeling about it. His voice was weird. Also... was he originally wearing gloves? And what this tight feeling around his chest...?

Kasuga fully opened his eyes.

He doubted his eyes as a beautiful woman in an evening dress stood before him.


Shocked, he moved his hand. And the women moved her hand too. That's right. The woman Kasuga could see was actually his own reflection in the mirror.

"Huh? This... is me?"

It was beyond doubt. He looked down only to see the body of a woman wearing a beautiful dress.

"Who are you?!"

He turned around to see who said that. It was only the most handsome boy in the school.

"What... oh... this is... erm..."

Said the flustered girl who was once Kasuga.

The boy was obviously shocked at having a beautiful girl suddenly turn up in the boys changing rooms. He regained his stance and said,

"Young princess, would you like to have a dance?"

The person who was once Kasuga involuntarily went bright red from ear to ear.

He was a really great person. I tried my very hardest. Yes, I'm so glad you found such a great partner. I will support you both! Doing good things really does make you feel great!

I might be coming to your town tomorrow.

See you then!

    • Thank you!Lastone, Mon Nov 21 18:14
      I thought this site was dead. I have always been following the Strange Brother translation but everything just stopped. Thank you for translating the small stories!
      • Re: Thank you!Eternal Wanderer, Mon Nov 21 18:36
        Wish I could take all the credit but I just paid someone else to do it, thank you regardless though, I'll probably be posting more soon so stay tuned.
        • I didnt knowLastone, Fri Nov 25 16:00
          well i didnt know you pay for the translator to work on it :o im so grateful that you are even sharing with us, let alone not knowing if anyone is reading it or not since this site is deserted and... more
          • Re: I didnt knowEternal Wanderer, Fri Nov 25 17:49
            Some of these I actually had translated a long time ago but didn't post them here because I didn't want to be banned, considering the state of this place right now I figured getting banned wouldn't... more
            • :D nice of youthelastone, Sat Nov 26 01:33
              you are very kind, sir haha because of what you have been doing, and with how much little content is updated here, i started making my own gender bender comic yesterday. I will send it over to you... more
    • Re: PartnerBill, Wed Nov 16 13:12
      Awesome. I've wanted to know what's happening in this story for years! It's got some of my favorite illustrations from Mashiro's work.
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