Eternal Wanderer
Re: I didnt know
Fri Nov 25, 2016 17:49

Some of these I actually had translated a long time ago but didn't post them here because I didn't want to be banned, considering the state of this place right now I figured getting banned wouldn't matter that much and said screw it and I posted it. Anyways I'll try and post some new stuff tomorrow, I actually meant to post it today but Pokemon Moon is too addicting.

  • I didnt knowLastone, Fri Nov 25 16:00
    well i didnt know you pay for the translator to work on it :o im so grateful that you are even sharing with us, let alone not knowing if anyone is reading it or not since this site is deserted and... more
    • Re: I didnt know — Eternal Wanderer, Fri Nov 25 17:49
      • :D nice of youthelastone, Sat Nov 26 01:33
        you are very kind, sir haha because of what you have been doing, and with how much little content is updated here, i started making my own gender bender comic yesterday. I will send it over to you... more
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