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I actually don't know what this one is called but I think its from something called the Hunters series and its the prequel to Second Chance for anyone who is a fan of that series. I also think we might be missing some context due how this story starts so sorry if that confuses anyone.

Beast had transformed into a bewildered young maid in a room at midnight.
What to do now? How could this have happened?
He just couldn't understand. If there was any cause, it would be that girl. Because he talked to her? ...No, it can't be. No way such a ridiculous thing could have happened.
Beast shook his head vigorously.
Which caused beautiful black hair to sway and tickle Beast's soft skin.
Right...I'm a...
He looked down at his own body.
There he found the body of a girl wearing a pristine apron dress.
He rubbed his smooth legs together.
He shivered.
Gotta get used to this...
Beast's mind, which had acquired many survival techniques, was already working to accommodate this new way of life. Staying depressed won't help at all. Gotta adapt to this new lifestyle. I'll learn this maidservant's duties and complete them perfectly. The majority of a servant's work must be chores. That is, cleaning. Beast stood up, skirts swirling, and began to look around the room.
...This sensation of wearing a skirt is unsettling. How am I supposed to work dressed so scantily? It didn't make sense to Beast's practical mind. It was then that it happened.
He screamed instinctively as the door suddenly opened. But in the next moment, he smothered his cry.
There stood a giant of a man who seemed at least two meters tall.
A black coat covered his entire body. On top of that, he wore a black hat and sunglasses, and was clad completely in black from head to toe. To Beast, who was now only a hundred and fifty centimeters tall, the man's height combined with his strong build was oppressively daunting.
"A maid...huh..."
His voice was deep and rumbling.
He closed the door behind his back.
From the deft manner in which he did so, Beast deduced.
He must be a man of this estate. In other words, his employer.
"Excuse me... Who are you?"
It was a desperate performance.
At his own voice sounding foreign in his ears, his confidence wavered.
"Ah. ...I know how you feel but there's no need to trouble yourself."
The answer was most unexpected.
The large man fished around for something.
"Just wait. I have a rough guess, but I should check just to be sure."
He pulled out some sort of device and pointed it at Beast.
There was an unpleasant grinding noise. As if the machine was reacting to Beast.
"Hmm...seems I was right... Bad luck."
"W-Who? Who are you?"
The large man ignored the question, strode over, and sat heavily on the bed.
"Let me ask you bluntly. Did you meet a girl around seven or eight years old?"
Beast was startled. What should he say? What does the man even know about that girl?
But he was now in the form of a young maid. It would be more pointless to try to convince someone of his extraordinary story.
"Hey, I understand it's difficult to talk about. That you were a man until just now."
"Don't worry. I want to help you."
"Really... Who are you?"
"No one of consequence. A pursuer, I guess."
"A pursuer?"
"Call me Hunter."

Beast explained in minute detail all the events that had happened since he broke into the estate. He rattled away about his exchange with the mysterious girl, and how he found himself not only in the body of a woman, but also in the costume of a maid.
As he was talking, the reality of the surreal situation must have struck him with renewed shock. His lovely eyes filled with large teardrops.
"Oh...shit... What..."
The large man silently handed him a handkerchief.
My emotions must have been feminized as well that I should weep so easily.
"Hey, don't cry. I'll turn you back."
Suddenly, he felt an odd feeling run through his entire body. When he looked at himself, he found his clothes were transforming!
The skirt clung to his legs and divided in two to wrap around each leg. The white apron vanished and the clothes grew large and baggy. The frills disappeared and changed into a rugged suit.
"Sorry. Gotta change the clothes first, otherwise you'll feel awfully tight."
He felt like a child wearing grownup clothes. As the headpiece vanished, there stood a confused girl in a baggy suit.
But that didn't last long either.
The flowing black hair shortened like magic. He grew visibly taller and filled out his suit.
The thin hands became knobby and strong.
The slender shoulders expanded and his entire body grew brawny and muscular.
He had transformed back into his original Beast form.
"Well? Everything good?"
Beast felt himself all over. He felt entirely at ease.
"Yeah, I... I'm...good."
His voice was back! Even though he had only been a girl for a brief moment, the emotion he felt then was priceless.
"Huh... Another success."
"How do you know that girl?"
"Like I said, I'm a hunter. So she is my prey."
"She, you mean the girl?"
"That's right."
"What in the world is she?"
"No one knows for sure. But her identity isn't the problem right now."
"Anyway, I can't let her cause any more damage."
"She thinks she's doing people good, which is why she's such trouble."
"So, you go following her around saving victims... I mean, doing stuff like turning people back?"
"Something like that. Without me, the turmoil could be much worse. Think. If she keeps changing the genders of 'clients' as she pleases, not only would it wreck the male-female ratio of the country, it would also cause great social chaos."
"I know. You're wondering why I don't strike at the root of the problem."
"A valid question. I'd wonder the same thing if I were you. But it's not so simple. At any rate, even approaching her is dangerous."
"I ask you again, what in the world is she? And you too, turning me back like this... Who the hell are you?"
"...I...I don't know why she started acting like such a strange saleslady."
Instead of giving a straight answer to Beast's question, the large man began to speak.
"You're probably safe, but let me give you a word of caution. Hear me out."
"...Uh, all right."
"First, if you meet the likes of her, say you're busy or something and run. You're lucky if you're on the streets when you see her. Because she usually gets you in your own room, or some private room, or a blind alley. If there's a way of escape, don't even acknowledge her. Run without looking at her."
"Sounds like a...danger lurking in everyday life."
"This isn't funny. This is serious business. She has a name card. It's nothing special, but try not to take it. Taking one isn't of consequence in itself, but if you read what it says or learn its meaning, then it will count as a close encounter of the second kind. If that happens, tragedy is almost unavoidable."
"I've never taken or looked at one."
"What about an explanation?"
Beast had a flashback of the nightmare in the small closet.
"...No...I don't remember very well."
"Anyway, don't let her childish looks deceive you and don't talk to her."
It was a vague instruction. If what he said was true, then he must avoid children on the streets as well. However... Beast felt relieved. If he could return to the way things were, there was nothing to worry about. His lifestyle had no contact with children.
"I have another question. If she changes your gender, is it permanent?"
"Generally, yes. Unless someone like me turns you back, or she...Kayo does."
"I see... So, you mean there are many others like me?"
"She doesn't mean ill. She can use her ability because she believes from the bottom of her heart that she's doing people good. Maybe not exactly from the bottom of her heart, but it's certain she thinks only lightly of it. Call her artless, if you will. And...she can't use her ability unless she draws out a request from the other party."
"That's all well and good, but why does her 'good will' make her change someone's gender? I don't get it."
"Changing gender isn't her only ability. She can also improve poor eyesight or make barren women pregnant. ...I don't know why, but maybe something happened to make her believe that changing gender will fix the problem."
Suddenly, Beast felt odd all over.
"...Huh? ...?"
"What's wrong?"
Beast's body was shrinking again.
His breasts began to swell. Flowing black hair grew out...
"Dammit! What's going on?"
The large man started fiddling with his device. But despite Beast's resistance, he again found himself in the form of a young, pretty maid.
"Hey! What the hell! I'm back to a woman again!"
"Shit... It's come to this..."
"What are you talking about?!"
"It's most definitely Kayo. She...she evolved!"
"Yeah. You know when you keep using the same insecticide, some species develop resistance to it? She must have evolved to a point where turning someone back once isn't enough."
"But don't worry. It takes more effort is all. Hold on and I'll...?"
This time it was the large man's turn to be assaulted by a feeling of oddness.
"W-What's going on?"
"Shit... No, no..."
The large man's height of at least two meters visibly shrunk. Now he was the same height as Beast currently was at one hundred and fifty centimeters. Meanwhile, his hard muscles were turning into soft flesh and gaining curves.
The man pressed down at his chest.
"F-For crying...out...loud..."
The man abruptly released his hands. There bulged plump, shapely breasts that suited well to his slender body.
"I-It can't be..."
Beast, now a young maid, too stood stunned.
The beautiful girl covered in fabric that was no longer fit to be called clothes, continued to be assaulted by the feeling of buttocks swelling and waist slimming.
"C-Cut it out! Stop it, Kayo!"
Silky hair grew out. His cry ended on a high and feminine note. The sunglasses grew loose and fell to the ground, revealing lovely, round eyes.

His underwear barely hanging on at the entrance of the two tunnels of his pants suddenly tightened around his crotch. At the same time, his thin shirt grabbed his breasts and fastened at his back in shoulder straps.

The man at once tried to feel his chest from over his clothes. But not even his fingertips peeped out from his overlong sleeves.
At that motion, the man was assaulted by the feeling of soft skin from his chest and down.
"Oh... E-Even my...underwear..."
Finally, his transformation reached the stage where it was obvious even from bystanders.
His clothes shrunk to fit the figure of a slender girl of medium height. His pants that were wrapped around his two legs merged into one billowy skirt. Air rushed into the abruptly opened space between his legs. At the sudden sensation of having his lower body stripped bare, the man instinctively rubbed his legs together.
For a moment he was riveted by the sensual feeling of soft, silky skin.
The skirt shortened until it only covered his knees, exposing young, beautiful legs to the light of day.
His top remained black, but morphed to display his figure. The sleeves were slightly puffy near the shoulder. It connected with the skirt to form a dress. At last, thin, pretty fingertips appeared from under the long sleeves.
As he stared, a snow white apron appeared over the dress, edged with frills. The straight, long hair reaching down his back was crowned with a lovely headpiece.
The powerful large man had turned into an innocent, young maid.

"Good god... Her ability... She can even transform...people she's never met..."
In the room were two beautiful young girls clad in matching costumes, standing bashfully.
This signified another truth.
Yes, humanity had lost all means of stopping Kayo Mashiro.

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