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Merry Christmas to the 5 people still on this board, I know I said before that I was going to wait till after New Years but I decided to have this translated earlier, consider it a Christmas present. Enjoy

Hello. My name is Kayo Mashiro. It is very nice to meet you.

These days, everyone has a lonely heart. I work to help people like that. I am still inexperienced, but if something is troubling your mind when I pass by, please tell me. I will do everything I can to remove my client’s distress. Please do not hesitate to ask.

For today’s guest, we have...


A child accompanied by parents is happily playing with an airplane toy. Seeing that put a smile on Tanabe’s face as she passed by. She thought, I wish all my customers were this cute...

“Hey, don’t you have more?”

“Sure I do.”

Tanabe handed the child a different toy.

“Th, thank you.”

Said the mother.

“Thank you.”

The father followed. They seemed like a young couple.

“No problem. Please enjoy your trip.”

Tanabe checked the time. It’s almost time for junior pilot. If I remember correctly, we had one participant today.

“Hey, may I get hot coffee?”

“Can I have Oolong tea?”

Said the two polite businessmen.

“Yes, right away.”

Tanabe walked back and forth in the jumbo jet. It wasn’t really homecoming season, but the plane with 500 seats was almost full, perhaps because it was the weekend. As always, there were many businessmen, as well as family.

“Um, Kayo-chan... Right?”


The girl was probably still in elementary school. I’ve never seen someone so young travel alone. It must have been a big decision for her parents.

“Okay then, please follow me.”

Junior pilot is a service that lets children into the cockpit.



Chiba, another flight attendant, felt something around her hips.


She couldn’t help but scream.

She turned around to find a drunken middle-aged man with a red face.

“Hehehe, come on~.”

Although it was a jumbo jet, the aisles were not that big. Chiba was pushing a cart full of drinks, so she had nowhere to go. The drunken man knew that and kept on touching her hips.

“What a great ass~. I love flight attendants.”

“P, please stop!”

“What! You get paid well, show some hospitality!”

The drunken man was out of control. He tried to stand up and hug Chiba.

“P, please stop!”

The other passengers acted like they didn’t notice. Some pretended to be asleep.



“Wow, that’s amazing.”

The girl named Kayo seemed impressed.

“Hahaha. Indeed it is.”

The captain said with pride.

“How do you not get confused!?”

The innocent comment of a child created a friendly atmosphere in the cockpit.

“Well, that’s because we’re professionals.”

The co-pilot joined the conversation.


Tsuji grabbed the man’s hand firmly from behind.

“Wh, who are you!”

“She asked you to stop.”

He seemed like a good young man. He was sitting next to the drunk. Seeing the drunk cross the line, he stood up.

“Shut up! You know, two no’s make a yes! She’s actually enjoying this!”

The smell of alcohol put a frown on Tsuji’s face.

“You’re disturbing the other passengers.”

“Stop showing off.”

The man replied and touched Chiba’s hips once again.


Suddenly, Tsuji grabbed the drunken man by the chest and lifted him up.


He stared into his eyes and said with a deep voice,

“That’s enough you drunk... Calm down and behave yourself, otherwise I’m throwing you off the plane...”

Suddenly, the drunk went quiet.

“...Wh, what... What did I do...”

Tsuji let the man go. The drunk collapsed into his seat. He didn’t seem drunk anymore.

“Th... Thank... You...”

Chiba said quietly with tears in her eyes.

“No problem.”

Tsuji replied with a smile.

Chiba fixed her scarf, which was part of her uniform, and started pushing the cart full of juice for the other passengers.

Seeing her off, Tsuji sat down and opened a book.

Silence returned to the cabin.




Back side of the plane.

“Again? How terrible...”

Tejima, the chief seemed disgusted.

Chiba was wiping her tears in front of her.

“It’s okay, stop crying.”

“Y, yes...”

“This is nothing compared to international flights.”

Said an older flight attendant.

“True. They come in groups, and the alcohol is free, so they get out of control.”

With low air pressure, alcohol kicks in pretty fast. Half the amount of what you drink under normal air pressure will most likely make you sick. The bad behavior of Japanese men in groups is known around the world. Some even raised their hands and injured a flight attendant, saying, “Her attitude got on my nerves”. Recently, passengers who cross the line often receive a criminal penalty. Sometimes, the passenger must be “arrested/detained” on the plane.

An older flight attendant once had hot coffee poured on her.”

Airline companies abroad started using male flight attendants to ensure safety, but sadly, our country has not caught up.

“Hey, that’s enough chit chat.”

“Hello there.”

The flight attendants turned to see where the voice came from.

Way down below, there was a small girl, probably in elementary school.

“Y, you...”

“Thank you for earlier.”

“Tanabe-san, you know her?”

“Yes. She participated in the junior pilot.”

She took something out.

“Here, take this. Here, take it.”

The girl handed pieces of paper to the flight attendants.

“Oh, what can it be?”

The flight attendants read what was written on the paper. It read, “Trouble with the body or mind? I can help. Kayo Mashiro.”

“I see, so you will listen to our problems”

The flight attendant replied.

“Ah, you can keep it”

“I understand what your job is Kayo-chan. But we can’t keep this”

The flight attendants were not trying to get rid of her. As a rule, they were not allowed to receive/give anything from/to passengers.

“Ok... Well then. What is troubling you today?”

The girl said with a big smile.

“Hmm, let’s see...”

Chief Tejima smiled. She wasn’t breaking any rules.

“So, you will listen to our problems, right?”

Said Tanabe.



“No, I will “solve” your problem.”

The beautiful flight attendants looked at each other and laughed.

“Wh, what is so funny!?”

“You said anything, right?”

“Well... Basically, yes.”

“And you will solve the problem instantly?”

“Yes. Right now if you want to.”

Tejima was listening. Then she said,

“Is that so. Well then...”



“Hey, buddy.”

“Waking up now?”

Tsuji took his eyes off of the book and looked at the man without flinching.

“You better stop showing off.”

He was tying to mess with him.

“You are disturbing the other passengers”

“Shut up!”

“It’s passengers like you that...?”

Tsuji felt a weird sensation around his body.


“What? What’s the matter now buddy?”

“N, no... Well...”

Tsuji could not believe his eyes.

“Ah, ahh...”

His chest was swelling up, just like a woman’s breasts.


The drunk yelled out loud.

“Wh, what!?”

The change did not stop there.

His hair started to get longer. His manly shoulders were no longer wide. Instead he now had sloping shoulders. His muscular body turned soft and feminine.

“What... What just happened...?”

The face surrounded by the straight long hair turned beautiful. His fingers started to turn longer and thinner like a beautiful ice fish.

“M, my hands...”

The same thing happened in his lower body. His buttocks stretched out and created a dynamic hip line. He could see the beautiful leg lines beneath his pants. His abdomen shrank and his he now had curves like a bee.

“B, buddy... You...”

Then the transformation entered its next stage.

The loose trunks wrapped tightly around the abdomen. Something was missing in the abdomen region.


The shirt changed shape. Wrapping tightly around the breasts, it secured its grip in the back.


His clothes began to turn dark blue. The cloth with thin vertical stripes turned into an elegant suit. The cloth of the pants became one and turned into a tight skirt.

“M, my clothes too...”

An elegant scarf appeared around the shirt exposing his dynamic breasts.

“Ah... Th, this...”

Stockings appeared around his legs. His hair went up by itself and his face was covered with makeup.

“Ah... Ahh...”

Tsuji turned into a great looking flight attendant.

“H, how did this...”

This illustration was made with ordermade COM. Thanks to creator, Oyataro-san!

He felt someone panting with excitement near his face, who was now a flight attendant.

He turned around to find the drunken man with bloodshot eyes.

“W, wow...”

“S, stop! I am a man!”

However, saying that in a beautiful voice did not do anything to stop the drunk.

“What are you saying! Look at this body!”

The drunk replied and started squeezing his breasts.

“Ah! S, stop... Stop!”

Tsuji, who was now a flight attendant, tried to defend himself. Around them, regular passengers sat still and watched the supernatural phenomenon, not knowing what to do.

Tsuji had his seatbelt on and now that he was wrapped in tight skirts he never wore before, he had trouble moving. The drunk threw himself on top of him and started touching his hips and buttocks.

“Ahh! S, stop! ...A, Ahh! No!”



The mother turned around as if to say, “It’s so noisy”.


She turned around.

“My body is acting weird.”

“What? What happened Ken-chan...!!”

The mother gasped. Her child’s legs were becoming longer and longer right in front of her.

“K, Ken-chan?”

It wasn’t just the legs. His entire body was getting bigger. Not only that, he was turning into a grown woman with dynamic breasts and hip!

“Ah, I’m turning into a lady.”

By the time he finished saying that, he was already a “lady”.

“H, hey you!”

Terrified, the mother turned to her husband. But she only turned around to see something unbelievable.


Her husband was now a young woman and his clothes were right in middle of turning into a flight attendant outfit.

“Wh, what’s this...?”

“N, nooooo!”

The mother turned around once again.

As expected, she saw someone who used to be her son, covered with a flight attendant outfit. Then, her clothes began turning into a flight attendant outfit...




“C, captain...”

“Yes? What is the matter co-pilot?”

“Y, your... chest...?”


The pilot looked down.


In no time, there were two flight attendants sitting in the cockpit.




“Y, you... What are you wearing...”

“L, look who’s talking...”

The two businessmen were now flight attendants.





The drunk felt something was wrong with his body.

Tsuji covered in flight attendant outfit who was about to go into shock stared as it happened.

“Wow! Wh, what’s going on?”

You guessed it. The drunk also turned into a young beautiful flight attendant.

Now is the time! Thought Tsuji. He took off his seatbelt, took off his rumpled scarf, fixed his skirt, and stood up.

“Wh, what is this...?”

As far as he could see, all of the 500 seats were filled with flight attendants...




Recently, there are so many rude passengers. But not to worry, Kayo-chan is here! She will turn everyone into a well-behaved flight attendant.

A friend and an ally to those in the unrequited service industry! Please vote for Kayo Mashiro! Just kidding. See you soon!

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      Thanks so much for the wonderful gift, friend! This story did not go where I was expecting it to. But that's all for the better, because it turned out quite well!
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