Will Okashina Futari images be made in the future or at all
Sat Jul 8, 2017 04:44

Mostly I would like to see images from Okashina Futari that show Ayumi as he/she tries to get back home after being transformed into a bride (I would like to see Kyouko Nagasawa when Ayumi saw her while he/she was a girl since we never saw Kyouko in the clothing she wore at the train and train station) as well as a few image that occur after Satori jumps and hugs Ayumi in a form of grapple.

    • Here's what I've gotBill, Sat Jul 8 14:35
      I think these are the images you're looking for? I also threw in a later image depicting Ayumi getting bride'd again that's from later in the story.
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