Re: Akame ga Kill!, Ep. 4
Sat Jan 13, 2018 17:54

animefan188 I found out that google disabled the TGweblist what are you going to do"This site has been disabled for violations of our Terms of Service. If you feel this disabling was in error, please fill out our appeal form." I for one loved that site. please reply soon and pleeease tell me you saved that info, there was alot

  • Akame ga Kill!, Ep. 4AnimeFan188, Mon Dec 18 08:12
    Since it fools someone, and it's significant to the plot, I'll add it. Thanks.
    • Re: Akame ga Kill!, Ep. 4 — Anonymous, Sat Jan 13 17:54
      • WebListAnimeFan188, Sun Jan 14 08:46
        This happened once before, but the WebList came back after awhile, with no explanation. If it goes away permanently this time .......... well, there's always Jana's list:
        • Re: WebListAnonymous, Sun Jan 14 10:45
          okay the weblist is back(relief). but since you and can agree that there's a "possibility" of it being gone "permanently." I hope you save the INFO...somehow. maybe a flashdrive or even copy and... more
          • Re: WebListAnonymous, Thu Jan 18 19:19
            Hi again Animefan188 WARNING long message. I took your advice and looked at Jana's list. It was great and all lots of info, but also not enough info. It didn't have links to sites to check the stuff... more
    • Re: Akame ga Kill!, Ep. 4Anonymous, Wed Dec 20 07:44
      AnimeFan188 its me again. I did some more looking and found that akame ga kill ep17 has a tg element as well. since you didn't know about the other one I felt like telling you this one, hope you like ... more
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