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Thu Jan 18, 2018 19:19

Hi again Animefan188 WARNING long message.
I took your advice and looked at Jana's list. It was great and all lots of info, but also not enough info. It didn't have links to sites to check the stuff out like the weblist so I couldn't tell what I could and couldn't look at, and I was not going through ALL that one by one instead I'll stick with my usual sources but skim through Jana's list for anything "eye catching".
P.S. while I looked through Jana's list I found some stuff there that might be a good addition to the TGweblist: le chevalier D'Eon:6,8,13,14,/ totsugeki pappara tai
:4,11,13,17,20,. A good site to check these out would be one like with players like openload or streamango that show pictures to check if it's the right episode. And you can find PICS from Jana's list in PICTURE ALBUMS. Hope you like'em

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    okay the weblist is back(relief). but since you and can agree that there's a "possibility" of it being gone "permanently." I hope you save the INFO...somehow. maybe a flashdrive or even copy and... more
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