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Re: New TG Practice Project
Fri Apr 6, 2018 04:40

hi pal, I not sure if you already know but when I looked through the weblist and didn't see'em. I figured why not tell ya. hitsugi no chaika and seirei tsukai no break dance both have OVA's with TG elements.
hope U like them.

  • Re: New TG Practice ProjectAnonymous, Fri Mar 30 07:00
    Hey AnimeFan188 I finished looking through lupin III on Jana's list. and here are 3 things that caught my attention: Lupin III part 2 episode 69 on soul-anime bout halfway through the EP, part 2... more
    • Re: New TG Practice ProjectAnonymous, Mon Apr 16 15:21
      AnimeFan188, I'm watching this anime called "Kyou kara Maou" and it turns out in Ep8 at about 19:00 a crossdressing scene occurs. hope'ya like it and i'll let U know if there's anything else.
    • Re: New TG Practice Project — Anonymous, Fri Apr 6 04:40
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