Re: New TG Practice Project
Fri Aug 3, 2018 05:38

I finally finished watching kyou kara maoh (good anime) and some notable TG elements were in episodes 28, 64, S3E16 when a man possessed a female doll
43 they did a flashback episode where a mom put girl's clothes on her son.
S3 E15 mothers day in this episode 3 guys dress up as their moms
hope you enjoy the anime

  • Re: New TG Practice ProjectAnonymous, Mon Apr 16 15:21
    AnimeFan188, I'm watching this anime called "Kyou kara Maou" and it turns out in Ep8 at about 19:00 a crossdressing scene occurs. hope'ya like it and i'll let U know if there's anything else.
    • Re: New TG Practice Project — Anonymous, Fri Aug 3 05:38
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