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The TG Anime WebList
Thu Sep 6, 2018 11:15

If you're curious about why "The TG Anime WebList" is down,
the account got disabled. I don't know why. Whenever I try
to log in, I get a message that says:

"We've detected unusual activity on the account
you're trying to access. To continue, please follow
the instructions below.

Provide a phone number to continue.
We'll send a verification code you can
use to sign in."

Since I'm NOT going to give them my phone number, the site
is dead in the water.

I've seen them shut down my account before, only to bring it
back later. If that happens again, fine.

If it goes down permanently this time, all I can say is that
it was fun while it lasted ......

    • Re: The TG Anime WebListAnonymous, Fri Oct 12 20:26
      its been over a month since the Weblist went down are you sure you wont reconsider or find another solution. that site a lot fans based on the view count.
      • Re: The TG Anime WebListAnimeFan188, Tue Oct 16 10:59
        There's already a better, more-comprehensive site out there: Jana's TG List: It covers more stuff than my site ever did. There's also a new site called TheXtra Path:... more
        • Re: The TG Anime WebListAnonymous, Sun Dec 2 19:24
          seeing as how the weblist might really be gone4good. I hope you can at least help out it's great really, it reminds me of your site because it has links unlike JANA but... more
          • Re: The TG Anime WebListAnimeFan188, Tue Dec 4 15:01
            Jana's list has everything my list had and more (I share data with Jana). You can find the corresponding videos via web search.
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