Re: The TG Anime WebList
Sun Dec 2, 2018 19:24

seeing as how the weblist might really be gone4good. I hope you can at least help out it's great really, it reminds me of your site because it has links unlike JANA but needs help...more material. you gotta admit even if not as much as Jana's TG List you had a lot of info that took years to get Umust have saved some of it 1way or another, and it'd be a shame 2let it go 2 waste

  • Re: The TG Anime WebListAnimeFan188, Tue Oct 16 10:59
    There's already a better, more-comprehensive site out there: Jana's TG List: It covers more stuff than my site ever did. There's also a new site called TheXtra Path:... more
    • Re: The TG Anime WebList — Anonymous, Sun Dec 2 19:24
      • Re: The TG Anime WebListAnimeFan188, Tue Dec 4 15:01
        Jana's list has everything my list had and more (I share data with Jana). You can find the corresponding videos via web search.
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