Looking for very old gifs (flash?)
Mon Mar 25, 2019 14:56 (XFF:

I remember seeing in 2010 these gifs almost sprite like (on sissykiss which also doesnít seem to have it anymore) of these guys either turning into girls or just magically ending up in girl clothes. Hereís some examples of the 2 I remember the most. One guy tries to look up a girls skirt, but she stops him from seeing them then this almost invisible line passes thru them and he end up in her clothes and she ends up in his then she looks up his skirt. The other one is with bridge in the middle of the screen with a half door that only goes up to the neck line. A girl passes thru the door and she turns it pink, then a guy passes thru and ends up in girls clothes. I really loved these gifs and canít seem to find them anywhere. I pretty sure there mashiros old works though. The closest thing I have found was back in 2018 on tumblr it was the exact type of art I remember but just an image. With a girl about to get into the race car and the guy in a pink dress with a parasol in hand. So is there any way these gifs can be reposted on sissykiss or something. Or are they gone for good.

    • And while Iím at it.Greenpanda24, Mon Mar 25 15:04
      Iím also looking for some old kisekae tg gifs. (Some futa transformation as well) thereís one in particular that gets turned into a robot and then gets turned into a female doll and then gets put... more
      • GIFsAnimeFan188, Tue Mar 26 15:52
        I have a few GIFs, but not the ones you're looking for: ============================ Happiness Charge Precure, Ep. 30:... more
        • Another GIFAnimeFan188, Sun Apr 14 06:21
          Sarazanmai, Ep. 1: Note: When I post GIFs to that site, they become mp4 videos for some reason.
          • Re: Another GIFAnimeFan188, Sun Jun 23 12:50
            Another MP4: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Golden Wind, Ep. 34 (After a mass bodyswap):
          • 2 more GIFsAnimeFan188, Mon Apr 29 13:06
            Hangyakusei Million Arthur (2019), Ep. 4:
          • Another GIFAnimeFan188, Fri Apr 26 15:50
            This one's courtesy of TheXtra Path: Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru:
          • Another GIFAnimeFan188, Wed Apr 17 11:13
            Naruto Shippuuden, Ep. 469:
          • Another GIFAnimeFan188, Sun Apr 14 06:25
            Overlord II, Ep. 12:
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