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Sun Sep 28, 2008 8:16am


scan0045golden gate speedwayAbove photo is Golden Gate back when the track first open in 1962 , notice the Golden Arches big sign out front is not even there yet. The speedway is gone now and a big flea market stands in it's place.. makes me want to puke when I pass by on the road..knowing that the county closed them for noise...but the yankees got their stick n ball sports in Tampa... By Mean Gene Adler...

jimmy riddleAbove photo the Diamond 4 of " Dick Pratt " on the inside of the # 3 modified of Willard Smith's , with " Jimmy Riddle" at the wheel. I talk to Willard last night at East Bay Raceway ..He told me Frank Riddle also drove the Model " A" a few times. Willard had a lot of winning race cars in his day, with a lot of driver's . like Jimmy and Frank Riddle , Jerald Rogers , Will Cagle and his sons David and Robert Smith and more.....>.

donny tanner.

Donny Tanner in the # 88 ford in front of the grandstands at the Gate..Donny ran the inline 6 cylinder class called Early Models until the track closed. Plus he ran all other classes there also , late models , sprints ,modifieds ect. and won in all of them. I would say he probably won more races at Golden Gate , then any one other driver . Maybe Dave Scarborough comes close , but who knows..>


One of the best drivers from around Tampa was " Dave Scarborough " Dave could win in any thing he got in..Here he is at Golden Gate in Harry Crouse's Circle 15 modified . with hood bent up into roof , Dave still on the gas...notice the inline 6 cylinder chevy engine with multiple carburetors under hood..Plus check out the steering wheel , most cars had big truck steering wheels , no power steering back then...Also Dave has no gloves on or fire suit .. Dressed only in a T Shirt... no fuel cell tank... the Arrow Pluming cars always look great...>

If you have any photos , you would like here about Golden Gate , send them to Mean Gene , at

By Mean Gene , Racing Roundup TV

scan0003-1golden gate tammy 2.jpg 2Golden Gate programmtammy.jpg

goldengate tammy 3 Bontrager.jpg

DoubleparkedGoldenGate.jpgDave Scarborough # 11 on top of Bill Royon in the # r 1 on the front straight away at Golden Gate Speedway , Program and photo sent in by Tammy Roynon Criss

scan0054BillyMyers122.jpgabove photo is of Billy Myers # 122 Ford at speed at Golden Gate ..Billy came up from Miami area to race at the Gate on Friday nights and the big races on Sunday's - The car had a 289 ford engine that turned a lot of RPM's and made a lot of noise .....and also won alot....the car is a 1958 ford two door sedan Mean Gene

scan0064WayneCliburn.jpgscan0065Buzzie by car.jpg>

Above left - Wayne Cliburn stands by his late model stock car at Golden Gate Speedway - Right photo is Buzzie Reutimann by his car at the Gate">>

scan0066buzzie with flag.jpg>

above photo of Buzzie with another win..">>

scan0063Reutimann 00 sr..jpg>>

Emil Reutimann Sr. in the # 00 sr. 1955 chevy at Golden Gate - notice the car is stocked bodied , it was a class Frank Dery started called " Tornado's ".The cars replaced the B class coupes on friday nights... Emil was Buzzie , Wayne and Dale Reutimann's dad...By Mean Gene Adler>>

scan0068tooterville on track.jpg>>

the " Tooterville Trolley " on the front straight away at the Gate>>

By Mean Gene , Racing Round TV>>>

scan0059freddy f.jpg>>>

scan0060entry list fl.200.jpg>>>

by Mean Gene ,Racing Roundup TV

    • Re: GOLDEN GATE SPEEDWAY , Tampa, FloridaAnonymous, Sat May 12 9:00pm
      The OLD GATE, We Do Miss Her!!!But Things Change,,,,,Hell Most People That Remember The GOLDEN GATE SPEEP WAY!! Are Just Like Me !! Wondering What Happen To Live as We Know It!!!!!!!!!!!... more
    • Golden Gate Speedway JacketLisa, Sun Sep 26 11:30am
      I have an old Golden Gate Speedway jacket I would like to sell. I have it vacuumed packed, it is in very good condition. please email if you are interested. I can email pics.
      • jacketjamie, Wed Mar 2 3:10pm
        do you still have the jacket?
      • Re: Golden Gate Speedway JacketAnonymous, Sun Sep 26 7:24pm
        Thats cool , So what size is it and whats the price.. Gene
    • gatejohn, Mon Jun 7 12:19pm
      I lived on walker road in thonotosassa and used to walk with my brother to the track its nice to see someone still remembers.
    • the gateFred Y, Thu Mar 11 11:14pm
      I grew up at Golden Gate Speedway. Dad would take me every weekend, the night depending on what classes we wanted to watch. I distinctly remember being there the night Scarboroughs' hood blew over... more
      • Tooterville TrolleyDave Buck, Thu Jan 17 10:34pm
        The Tolley had "Follow Me" painted on the back.
      • TrolleyMean Gene, Fri Mar 12 5:14am
        the words FOLLOW ME and a picture of cartoon "Casper the ghost" .... (I think) thanks much , Mean Gene Adler
        • golden gate speedway marietta Brend, Tue May 17 4:13pm
          My husband useto drive there i have lots of memories of golden gate . my husband useto drive the number 51 in the bommer and figure eight devisions we would like to find eny photos of our car since... more
        • GGSFred Y, Fri Mar 12 6:59am
          You nailed it Mean Gene. I owe you one next time I'm in Tpa. How about a double or nothing challenge? Poncho Alverez was black flagged one night and apparently didn't agree with the officials. What... more
    • Golden Gate DriverRonald Luce, Thu Nov 26 10:54pm
      Gene I knew you since we were in school and then from racing at Golden Gate. Do you still have your tv show? Would love to get together and talk old times about the Gate. Great seeing all the old... more
    • Golden Gate Guy Vogt, Wed Jun 3 6:45pm
      It was great to see the pictures of the speedway. I'm from New Jersey and worked for ASPLUNDH TREE CO. on Tampa back in 1984. In the afternoons before quit time I would park my truck... more
    • Randy and Gary GayRegina, Wed Apr 29 6:25pm
      I grew up at the Golden Gate Speedway!! My dad and uncle raced there. Most of my childhood pictures were taken by the track photogapher. I still love the dirt. I was wondering if anyone remembered... more
      • Gary GayStarla Rohl, Mon Sep 28 6:54pm
        Gary drove the number 90 Tornado in 1969 for my dad Charles "Chuck" Irwin.(brothers, Stacy, TErry and Mike) I was always at the track Dad later had the number 23 car, "Carroll County Accident" Starla
    • Tooterville TrolleyTom Neal, Mon Feb 23 7:34pm
      I worked in Tampa in 1965-1966 and use to go to Golden Gate Speedway on Friday and Saturday nights. It was the best racing that I ever watched. I remember the Tooterville Trolley and that car was so... more
      • George brend figure 8 and bomber divisons number 51Marietta Brend , Sat May 11 4:32pm
        My husband drove figure 8 and bomber classes at the gate . I've Ben looking for photos of his cars we lost ours in a tornado . if eny one can help it would be apreasated . you said you were there in... more
    • more gate pictureschad freeman, Thu Nov 13 10:59pm
      Hey Mean Gene, I grew up in tampa at the gate and i hate that it is gone but i collect lots of pictures and things from the gate. I am a huge sprint car fan and grew up around the riddle family. I... more
      • joe doriosam dorio------4005 san nicholas st tampa florida , Mon Jun 30 3:45pm
        hey would anyone have a picture of joe dorio had a car built by buzz barton and ran alot at philip field had a bad crash in think in 1964
      • Missing the GateCharlie Simpson, Jr, Mon Jun 21 8:15pm
        I too like many others that have responded grew up at Golden Gate. My dad would take the family every Saturday night and I would bug an uncle or a friends dad for Friday nights. My big thrill was to... more
        • Re: Missing the GateRANDY HENDERSON, Sun Jul 11 5:45am
          ya ,those were the best days of my childhood , i use to ride my bike up there on sta afternoon and you could walk in and watch drivers shake thier cars out , and you could go and watch them pratice... more
          • Re: Missing the GateAnonymous, Thu Sep 30 7:04pm
            dose any one out there have any old 8mm or video of any of the races at the gate , i collect anything from that place and would be willing to buy any thing from the track .
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