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Wed Oct 1, 2008 5:59am



Wayne Reutimann Goldengate<..>>

above photo of Wayne Reutimann at speed at Golden Gate Speedway , Tampa , Florida...>


above photo is the # 32 of Dave McGinnis in a 1957 chevy in Golden Gate's winners circle>>


The 444 Chevy Late model of Bobby Fields on the front straight away of Golden Gate... Bobby lives in Lutz , Florida these days and I see him once in a while..Good friend of mine Eddie Curry use to help Fields on the race car back in the day ..>>


Jim Childers in a 1955 chevy at Golden Gate ... I think this was a 6 cylinder car ..I just don't really know ...Jim Childers went on to be a champion sprint car driver. Jim won the Little 500 up at Anderson Speedway three times. Jim drove in all kind of race cars , 6 cylinders stocks , late models and modifieds, just to name a few. Jim doesn't race any more these days , but live's not far from East Bay Raceway on a river...>

By Mean Gene Adler , Racing Roundup TV , if you got any photos or programs and would like them on the web site , just e mail copies to me and I will post them for you.. along with information ...

Jim Childers .Above photo .., This just might be the first race car Jim Childers ever drove , here he is up on the wheel in a bomber at the Gate, with tiger on the roof ?.The tiger seems to be watching the car coming thru the infield at him and Jim .. Car Looks like a 1949 or newer chevy , notice the helmet and strap on the we all know STP stickers make the car go fast , Jim has two..... check out the unknown driver on the outside of # 107. Look close at driver in the ford has on open helmet with bubble shield..look how far the front bumper sticks out in front of the car Mean Gene , Racing Roundup ..

newspaper gate.jpg

    • remembering Golden GateDan Vines, Tue Jan 21 11:34am
      I was born in Plant City Fla and grew up in the 50's and 60's watching all the reutimanns race. At Plant Field, the old Winter Haven speedway and then the best of all, Golden Gate Speedway. Many... more
    • tornado classrobert turner, Tue Jan 31 9:01pm
      I used to live in Largo from about '68 to '78 and My dad chuck worked for J.D. Barnes who owned the Amoco service station at the intersection of E Bay & Keene. Dad used to help with the wrenching on... more
      • to Robert Turner Mean Gene, Tue Jan 21 1:02pm
        Nice to hear from you Robert , thanks for letting me know about this , I just can't remember every thing .
    • thanxgary, Tue Apr 26 1:07pm
      thanx for all the great memories these photos bring back my dad & I were at golden gate every week & was a very happy time of my life I cant wait to show my dad these photos. i was wondering if... more
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