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Hip Replacement before Pregnancy
Thu Aug 5, 2010 4:45pm

I highly recommend having hip replacement prior to pregnancy. I developed AVN during my pregnancy and experienced having a very young child with intense hip pain. My debilitating hip pain negatively impacted my ability to parent my child in so many ways. Simply playing on the floor with my baby caused acute pain. Walking the baby in a stroller became out of the question for me. I spent a great deal of time managing my pain by resting between activities and lying on the sofa. In all honest, my attitude was often less than joyous. Anyone who has had a young child knows how much energy, activity and positive attitude is required to keep up with their needs and desires. Additionally, my hip replacement surgery was overwhelming to my children and I needed to gather a support group to help me with their care post-op while I recovered.

On the other hand, Dr. Swanson has quite a few patients who have had successful, uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries after having their hip replaced. They are able to experience motherhood without pain or limitations. It is important that women who are of child bearing age avoid hip prosthetics which have both a metal ball and metal cup. This combination of bearing surfaces produces metal ions which may be hazardous to the health of the fetus. Prosthetics with ceramic balls and ceramic cup liners are an excellent option for young women. Ceramic-ceramic prosthetics generate very little debris and the debris that is generated is not toxic to the body. Please feel free to post with any additional questions or concerns.

Best Wishes,

  • AVNAnonymous, Wed Aug 4 4:53am
    Hi Anita Thanx a lot fo sharing this.I m 35 suffering from bilateral necrosis of hip joint. Got married 5 months back had one miscarriage.Unable to decide whether to go in for child or THR first???
    • Hip Replacement before Pregnancy — Pauline, Thu Aug 5 4:45pm
      • ThanxAnonymous, Sat Aug 7 1:48am
        Thanx a lot Pauline...Just wanna ask do u know after replacement after how much time i can satrt family...Thanx..
        • Re: ThanxDr. Swanson, Mon Aug 23 11:35am
          I donít think there is any hard and fast rule, but if someone got pregnant even right after the surgery, there would really be no risk because the only risk of infection would occur at childbirth 9... more
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