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Helping Other Find Options
Sun Feb 27, 2011 6:48am

Dr. Swanson and staff,

I wanted to let you know that we have focused on your practice and website at HipPreservation.Org. The following is the recent posting. If you prefer not to be recommended in this way, please contact me directly at my email address.

Thank you for all you do to help hip patients worldwide.

My best~

"Some people may be told their hips, nor they, are candidates for hip preservation options...that their hips are too far gone. Or, it may be suggested to them to continue to wait and have a total hip replacement.

Confused, in pain, and left to feel as if the only option is futility, patients may be looking for someone or somewhere to turn to...for answers, for input, for guidance, for options, or for help.

One place you may want to try is Dr. Todd Swanson's website. He is an orthopedic surgeon located in Las Vegas, Nevada. He specializes in total hip replacements, but he has a wonderful website complete with information for patients of all ages. He has numerous "young adult" stories of replacements, too, and has the associated diagnoses (i.e. hip dysplasia) that lead to their hip degeneration posted along with their stories.

Dr. Swanson, and his staff, take time to entertain questions from patients all over the world as well. The have a discussion board that welcomes questions, and is responded to in a timely manner...both by staff as well as Dr. Swanson himself.

So while the focus of HipPreservation.Org is on hip preservation, it is recognized that with the relatively new concept of preservation as well as the difficulties many patients have in getting diagnosed and served by appropriate providers, sometimes some hips may need other options.

If so, you may certainly want to take a look at Dr. Swanson's website as another possible alternative of compassionate care...even for hip patients whom he and his staff have never met before."

    • Re: Helping Other Find OptionsAnonymous, Fri Mar 4 9:24am
      Dear SHC, We are honored to be associated with such a commendable website. Thank you for acknowleding our unending efforts to provide assistance to those in need of a solution to their hip pain and... more
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