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J costa
Small stature
Sun May 15, 2011 9:37pm

I am 5' tall and 105 lbs. I am in extreme pain and have been to doctors who think it is all my back because I have a torn disk L5S1 and bad si joint. I believe I injured my si joint due to riding with limited hip movement. My left leg carries my right leg through the gate. My hip hurt years ago. I have bought new cars because it hurts to drive. I worry that there is not the right size replacement to fit my small stature. I have a hip MRI w/o contrast and a few films. Will you review them and tell me if you can help?
I live in Bend. Thank you

    • Re: Small staturePauline, Sat May 21 7:43am
      Dr. Swanson performs the minimally invasive hip replacement procedure on people of all sizes. There is most certainly a hip replacement that will fit someone your size. Please feel free to mail the... more
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