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Dr. Swanson
Short Stem Hip Replacement Technology
Sun Jul 3, 2011 12:19pm


Although I am a fan of short stem total hip replacements, I do not know what the short or mid-term results of the Corin Minihip have been. One of my concerns with short stem hips that preserve the circumference of the femoral neck (i.e. are more circular in cross section than oval or oblong) is that some of these designs have had poor track records, in part because it is difficult to obtain rotational stability with a “round peg in a round hole.” That is why we designed the Smith & Nephew short stem (the SMF stem) with an oval cross-section. It does remove the lateral-most part of the femoral neck, but this oval cross section gives extremely good rotational stability, which is imperative to achieve ingrowth to the stem. This design has allowed us to let patients immediately fully weight-bear on these hips. But just a caution to all considering a short stem total hip: Although the theoretical advantages of bone conservation and preservation make the concept compelling, especially for younger patients, implantation of these stems requires a different set of skills to implant successfully because they rely on different biomechanical factors for primary stability. Whatever you decide, be sure to choose a surgeon who has significant experience with these stems.

Todd V. Swanson, MD

  • Corin Mini HipIan, Fri Jul 1 9:09am
    I am 44 year old male who is active. I ski,golf and bike. I am considering the Corin mini hip as an alternative to THR. My concearn is not much history of new implant. The science seems to make sense ... more
    • Short Stem Hip Replacement Technology — Dr. Swanson, Sun Jul 3 12:19pm
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