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leg length discrepency after thr
Fri Apr 20, 2012 8:26am

I am almost 3 months out after left thr. I was supposed to have both hips done at the same time, but due to complications, I have to go back in the future to have the right hip done. I could have authored all of your complaints. My operated leg is over 1 and 1/2 inches longer than the other side. Hence all my symptoms before surgery still remain and have perhaps gotten worse. I have a new hip but the reason I had surgery was because of back pain and the inability to walk any distance. I was ready to flip out on the surgeon when I took a look at all my x-rays. The x-rays show a huge pelvic tilt! No wonder my back hurts! No wonder I limp! I am hopeful that I can realign my pelvis and get on with living a life free of pain. So, my legs are actually close to the same length, it's the pelvis that is higher on one side that is causing the leg discrepency. Please look into this. It does change any course of action.And always remember, nothing stays the same, certainly not even your health.

  • leg length discrepancyAnonymous, Tue Aug 25 7:34pm
    hello.. I had a total hip and came out about 4 cm long on the operated side, that is about one and a half inches. I can not wear any of my shoes. I had to have the un-operated side built up in a huge ... more
    • leg length discrepency after thr — Anonymous, Fri Apr 20 8:26am
      • Please respondBrenda, Wed Sep 13 10:48pm
        I am not sure when this was posted, but please let me know of the outcome. i am 4 months past THR and my operated leg is 1/2 inches too long in actuality...but 2 inches in functional due to tilted... more
        • respondingkathy, Fri Sep 15 11:00am
          Hi, this site isn't really active anymore that I know of. I'm sorry to hear of issues. Leg length discrepancy is not uncommon. I have a slight one and use a lift in operated leg. I have had lots of... more
      • Re: leg length discrepency after thrPauline, Sun Apr 22 6:38am
        Thank you for sharing your story. This information will be of great assistance to others. Best Wishes, Pauline
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