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Pending Hip replacement
Mon Apr 23, 2012 5:35pm

Hello, Paulin, if you remember I had my consult with Dr. Swanson in feb.2012., thank you sooo much for all your help!!. My right hip will need to be replaaced first, then my left hip.

Since I'm not having major pain at this time, that I could put it off based my pain, and I let the doctor know when I'm ready to begin. I do have med pain(30%) after I have worn my heavy duty belt all day and when I get home and sit in a chair the right hip aches.

I have searched throughout my law enforcement dept to connect with a another officer who has had both hips done, with no luck. I have (3) years today before I retire from this demanding field. I wonder do you know of any officers who might allow me to contact them re; their back to full duty issues, etc? Because it's in our blood, I would like to retire in (3) years on full duty status, but I do understand my limits post surgery.

I do plan on making a appt with the doctor soon, so I can get xrays to check my condition every (4) months.

Thanks, Gino

    • Re: Pending Hip replacementPauline, Mon Apr 30 6:14pm
      Gino, Dr. Swanson will be able to review the physical requirements of your job and advise you when you meet with him at your next appointment. If you need help scheduling, please feel free to call me ... more
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