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66 Year Old Female born with CP
Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:52pm

Dear Dr. Swanson,
I am a 66 year old female who was born with Cerebral Palsy. My left hip has been severely inward rotated for my entire life. I am now beginning to experience severe stiffness and pain when I get out of bed. During the day itís tolerable but getting out of bed (either in the middle of the night to use the restroom) or in the morning it is very painful. It starts to become tolerable about an hour after I get up and take a Celebrex with breakfast. It remains ďtolerableĒ but noticeable throughout the day.
I realize that mine is a very special case. You replaced my husbandís right hip in January 2004 and itís still in great shape, almost nine years later. I feel that if any orthopedist in Las Vegas can handle my case, it would be you.
Please let me know if itís worth making an appointment to see you. If you feel that my case is not within your scope, please let me know. BTW, my insurance is traditional Medicare with a supplement.

Thank you in advance.

    • Re: 66 Year Old Female born with CPDr. Todd Swanson, Sun Oct 21 4:21pm
      Although I cannot say without seeing you what the problem with your hip is, if it is becoming more painful with time, I would be happy to check it out for you. Patients with Cerebral Palsy have some... more
      • Re: 66 Year Old Female born with CPAnonymous, Wed Oct 24 1:14pm
        Dr. Swanson, Thank you for the reply. I have contacted your office and have an appointment to see you and to have both hips x-rayed on November 8 at 11 AM at the Centennial location. I specified to... more
        • Re: 66 Year Old Female born with CPDr. Swanson, Fri Oct 26 8:51am
          Carol, I look forward to meeting you and developing a treatment plan to address your hip pain. Dr. Swanson
          • Thank Youcsw, Sun Oct 28 11:05am
            Dr. Swanson, Thank you for taking the time to reply again. I have just completed and submitted the online medical history (etc.) form. Until November 8 . . . Carol Warman
    • Re: 66 Year Old Female born with CPAnonymous, Tue Oct 16 2:07pm
      Sorry, forgot to sign my name. Carol S. Warman
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