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Emil K.
Re: High Off set Stem
Wed Jan 2, 2013 9:51pm

Hi Steve,

My surgeon used the depuy srom ceramic on ceramic for both my hips. I was diagnosed with rheamatoid arthritis since age 2 and had my first hip done a few years ago at 30 and then the second a few years later. I know the srom is highly adjustable to your situation. In my case my bone wasnt very big and hip joint bone on bone for a while. He said I had the worst hip in his career and amazing I put up with the pain. The outcome on both has been nothing but stellar best thing I agreed to.

Since the SROM is I think the most adjustable hip I believe it can handle a high offset. BTW there was no way I could get a mini-incision, my femur had a tiny crack up top. So I was non-weight bearing for approx 4 weeks. Just let it heal and let the surgeon do whatever he feels best.

Good luck with your operation! In a few years you will be stoked from the difference.

  • High Off set StemSteve B, Wed Jan 2 8:38pm
    I am scheduled for a THR in mid-February and the surgeon uses the De Puy S-ROM implant and does the posterior approach. Does this device qualify as a high off set stem? Also your web site is very... more
    • Re: High Off set StemDr. Todd Swanson, Mon Jan 7 9:06am
      Most modern day total hip stems come in standard and high offset designs. The DePuy S-Rom total hip stem is no exception. It comes in both standard offset and high offset designs. Having said that,... more
      • Reply to Dr SwansonSteveB, Tue Jan 8 7:14pm
        Thank you for the information. I don't know right now if my hips are a low or high offset, but I will probably find out in my next office visit.
    • Re: High Off set Stem — Emil K., Wed Jan 2 9:51pm
      • reply to EmilSteve B, Sun Jan 6 7:44pm
        Thank you for the info. My surgeon told me that he has had only one patient in 15 years dislocate and that he liked the S-Rom for its track record and the adjustability. I also have been working out... more
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