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Dr. Todd Swanson
Re: High Off set Stem
Mon Jan 7, 2013 9:06am

Most modern day total hip stems come in standard and high offset designs. The DePuy S-Rom total hip stem is no exception. It comes in both standard offset and high offset designs. Having said that, the reason that most modern hip stems are available in both designs is that we try to replicate the patientís normal anatomy with the total hip prosthesis. Some patients have relatively low horizontal offset in their hip joints while others have relatively high horizontal offset. If your hip has a lot of horizontal offset, you might be best served with a high offset hip stem. However, a high offset hip stem can cause pain and other problems in patients with relatively low horizontal offset, and therefore, high offset stems should not be used in everyone.

I hope this answers your question.

Dr. Todd Swanson

  • High Off set StemSteve B, Wed Jan 2 8:38pm
    I am scheduled for a THR in mid-February and the surgeon uses the De Puy S-ROM implant and does the posterior approach. Does this device qualify as a high off set stem? Also your web site is very... more
    • Re: High Off set Stem — Dr. Todd Swanson, Mon Jan 7 9:06am
      • Reply to Dr SwansonSteveB, Tue Jan 8 7:14pm
        Thank you for the information. I don't know right now if my hips are a low or high offset, but I will probably find out in my next office visit.
    • Re: High Off set StemEmil K., Wed Jan 2 9:51pm
      Hi Steve, My surgeon used the depuy srom ceramic on ceramic for both my hips. I was diagnosed with rheamatoid arthritis since age 2 and had my first hip done a few years ago at 30 and then the second ... more
      • reply to EmilSteve B, Sun Jan 6 7:44pm
        Thank you for the info. My surgeon told me that he has had only one patient in 15 years dislocate and that he liked the S-Rom for its track record and the adjustability. I also have been working out... more
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