Thank you
Wed Apr 27, 2016 10:58pm

I was previously diagnosed by Dr. Swanson while I was a Law Enforcement Officer in LV while still on full-duty 4 years ago, I decided my pain was not bad yet, plus my age at the time 49yo,so I decided that I would wait, but kept seeing the Doctor every 6-9 months to check my progression. I was still able to do my job 100%. I know it took it's toll on me from wearing my gun and all my gear on my right hip for those years after.

I have now retired from Law Enforcement 7-months ago, my pain is still moderate, but I know my time is coming for me to finally do the THR. As you say I have been putting this of for years, knowing that I have to have this done. My wife (LV Nurse) keeps on me about getting it done and my former brother officers that I worked with for many years that have seen my pain, while I refused to take any pain meds, stubborn as I am.

Mr. Lantz Thank You for this positive post.


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    • Thank you — Gino, Wed Apr 27 10:58pm
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