Anterior approach
Tue May 17, 2016 11:24am

Dr Swanson, have not seen an updated post since 2010 on your findings on the anterior approach. Has any new documentation been posted discussing the pros and cons.

  • Anterior ApproachAnonymous, Mon Aug 23 11:02am
    I am hearing more and more about the anterior approach and I would be interested in learning more from Dr. Swanson. He has such an EXCELLENT reputation among his peer group which says so much about... more
    • Anterior approach — John, Tue May 17 11:24am
    • Re: Anterior ApproachDr. Swanson, Mon Aug 23 11:38am
      The anterior approach for total hip replacement has been around for many years, initially termed the Smith-Peterson approach or the Hueter approach. Recently, with the advent of a special orthopedic... more
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