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Answer the question please doctor
Mon Jul 12, 2004 9:49pm

My father has also experienced the discrepancy in leg length (2 cm) after THR in Atlanta, GA. He has been met with resistance from the doctor that performed the surgery and others with the only option offered being a shoe lift to be worn for the rest of his life.
I find this remedy to be totally absurd and would like to know what Dr. Swanson would he do if he were in this situation . Would he have a complete revision or just buy a patch and a parrot to go along with his limp.

  • Dr. Swanson, Thank you for your reply. If the discrepancy is still significant after a three month period, what is the next step to having it repaired? Should my orthopedic surgeon agree to do a... more
    • Dr Swanson's ReplyPauline, Tue Jul 13 11:02pm
      Susan, Dr Swanson has been teaching in Europe, however, I sent a SOS that we need his expertise here in the good old US of A and he provided this information. Most patients can accommodate a leg... more
      • leg length discrepancyDr. Swanson, Fri Jul 16 5:14pm
        I'm back in town. Pauline did a good job paraphrasing my response to leg length discrepancies. However, there is 1 error: only approximately 10-20% of my patients with leg length discrepancies... more
    • Answer the question please doctor — Karl, Mon Jul 12 9:49pm
      • Dr Swanson's RepllyPauline, Tue Jul 13 11:11pm
        Karl, Please see Dr Swanson's reply regarding revision to correct leg length discrepancy above. He also mentioned that in your father's case, age would be a definite factor in weighing the benefits... more
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