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Dr Swanson's Replly
Tue Jul 13, 2004 11:11pm


Please see Dr Swanson's reply regarding revision to correct leg length discrepancy above. He also mentioned that in your father's case, age would be a definite factor in weighing the benefits of revision against risks. Dr Swanson feels that in the case of someone in their seventies, the benefits of a corrected leg length discrepancy would not outweigh the risks of major revision surgery.

Best Wishes,

  • Answer the question please doctorKarl, Mon Jul 12 9:49pm
    My father has also experienced the discrepancy in leg length (2 cm) after THR in Atlanta, GA. He has been met with resistance from the doctor that performed the surgery and others with the only... more
    • Dr Swanson's Replly — Pauline, Tue Jul 13 11:11pm
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