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Dr. Swanson
leg length discrepancy
Fri Jul 16, 2004 5:14pm

I'm back in town. Pauline did a good job paraphrasing my response to leg length discrepancies. However, there is 1 error: only approximately 10-20% of my patients with leg length discrepancies greater than 3/8 inch, not less than 3/8 inch, opt for surgery. It is rare that I would ever operate on a patient for a leg length discrepancy <3/8 inch; most of those patients can compensate quite well, sometimes with the use of a small shoe insert on the shorter side.

  • Dr Swanson's ReplyPauline, Tue Jul 13 11:02pm
    Susan, Dr Swanson has been teaching in Europe, however, I sent a SOS that we need his expertise here in the good old US of A and he provided this information. Most patients can accommodate a leg... more
    • leg length discrepancy — Dr. Swanson, Fri Jul 16 5:14pm
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