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Re: 3/4 " discrepancy
Mon Jun 26, 2006 1:31pm

Thank You for your Promp response, I understand the risks involved with revision surgery as I am a n OR nurse and have seen it done many times.. I have gone for a second opinion becasuse my chiropracter a very compitent one at that already said that ther is no pelvic tilt as far as he could see the limb was physiologicly long, the second opinion Dr. told me he also felt there was a phisiological dycrepancy due to the cut being made too high above the lesser trocanter.. hence my reason for asking where the cut should be made. i have though this through I am only 45, i was very active in tennis before surgry. I am a nurse on my feet allot, and the shoe lift won't do. I've tried it for 3 months. I am also now having pain in my left hip , back and right knee.. It only makes sense at this point that it must be physiological as I am 3/4 inches taller when i stand on my right leg then when i stand on my Left..

  • Re: 3/4 " discrepancyPauline, Mon Jun 26 8:31am
    Margaret, I wouldn't rush into revision surgery just 4 months after surgery. Particularly, if your surgeon believes the leg length discrepancy is a muscular situation. Often times a pelvic tilt can... more
    • Re: 3/4 " discrepancy — Margaret Smith, Mon Jun 26 1:31pm
      • Re: 3/4 " discrepancyPauline, Wed Jun 28 7:33am
        Margaret, A leg length discrepancy of 3/4" is significant enough to consider revision surgery. The unfortunate thing about the two incision approach is that it is a new surgical technique and most... more
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