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Re: 3/4 " discrepancy
Wed Jun 28, 2006 7:33am


A leg length discrepancy of 3/4" is significant enough to consider revision surgery. The unfortunate thing about the two incision approach is that it is a new surgical technique and most surgeons utilizing it are on a learning curve. It is necessary to take x-rays which show the complete length of both thigh bones. If you have the x-rays taken locally, I would recommend you send these to Dr. Swanson for his review. Better yet, have Dr. Swanson examine you and take the necessary x-rays. Dr. Swanson is an expert with revision hip surgery and will offer expert advice regarding your situation. Please e-mail me directly at pauline@minitotalhip for x-ray shipping instructions or phone 702-731-1616 to schedule and appointment.

Best Wishes,

  • Re: 3/4 " discrepancyMargaret Smith, Mon Jun 26 1:31pm
    Thank You for your Promp response, I understand the risks involved with revision surgery as I am a n OR nurse and have seen it done many times.. I have gone for a second opinion becasuse my... more
    • Re: 3/4 " discrepancy — Pauline, Wed Jun 28 7:33am
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