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how soon can I get pregnant?
Wed Sep 6, 2006 9:26pm

I had a THR on July 10th and I am doing well. I'm not in any rush to get pregnant, but do wonder should I wait a certain length of time after haing the THR? thanks

  • pregnancy after hip replacementAnita, Wed Sep 6 12:47am
    I am 35 years old, 1 year and 2 months post op after a total hip replacement of my right hip due to avascular necrosis, and 16 weeks pregnant! I do feel some effects of my hip condition. I am... more
    • Anyone with a furlong hip?emilia, Mon Apr 11 6:55am
      I am 36 years old with avascular necrosis in my right hip. They are recommending a total hip replacement using the Furlong prosthesis for me since I am in Europe and that is what they use here. I... more
    • emwags@sbcglobal.netemily wagner, Fri May 25 5:16am
      wobdering if everyone who has had baby after total hip had c section. i did and sometimes wondering if i didnt need to. i was afraid of dislcationg during labor. i have bilatereal total hips. thanks!!
    • Re: pregnancy after hip replacementStacy R. Grenier, Wed May 23 7:28pm
      I am a 30 year old female with a THR and I am 12 weeks pregnant. I am 8 months post-op and I have been put on toe touch weight wearing only for the past month. I have been told that I can not do any... more
      • Re: pregnancy after hip replacementDr. Swanson, Mon May 28 11:44am
        Iím confused as to why you would be made toe touch weight bearing 8 months post-op. Was that done because of the pregnancy? In general, it is agreed by almost all orthopaedic surgeons that a patient... more
        • Hip replacement and pregnancyStacy R. Grenier, Mon May 28 1:06pm
          Hello, Thank you for your response. I was tolal weight bearing at 6 weeks post op. and was fine until Nov 06 when I had a fall. I was still total weight bearing, but I was taking Ibuprofin quite... more
          • hip replacement & pregnancyTodd Swanson, MD, Sat Jun 2 4:52pm
            Well, unfortunately, it sounds like your physician suspects that you have a loose femoral component. I would have to agree from your description. In general, it is best to avoid radiographs while... more
      • pregnancy after hip replacementAnita, Thu May 24 2:57am
        I recently had my second child, c-section, which was about a year and a half after my total hip replacement. I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis in my right hip 2 months after my first child. Now ... more
    • Re: pregnancy after hip replacementKathy, Fri Sep 8 6:28am
      We now have two babies since my hip replacement! We are doing well. No problems with either pregnancy and delivery. I'm a bit swamped with the baby.. please contact me via email as ... more
      • re: pregnancy after hip replacementAnita, Fri Sep 15 7:03am
        Kathy, Thanks for the response. I would love to hear more of your story to compare notes, and congratulations on 2 babies. Thanks for your e-mail address. When I have more time I will e-mail you... more
      • Re: pregnancy after hip replacementPauline, Sat Sep 9 8:28am
        Kathy received a ceramic/ceramic hip replacement from Dr. Swanson in 2002 due to congenital hip dysplasia. You can read her hip replacement story at more
    • how soon can I get pregnant? — michelle, Wed Sep 6 9:26pm
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