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Pegnancy after hip replacement
Mon Feb 19, 2007 12:06am

I am actually crying out of relif and happieness since I finally found something about pregnancy after hip replacement. I am a 25 year old woman facing the surgery. I was told that the youngest paitents are usally in there 40's therefor there isn't any research on the subject. I was diagnosed wth osteoporsis at age 19. They never really figured out what the cause was but I do have many of the risk factors. I have a 10 month old daughter and durning my pregnancy with her the osteporosis got worst. I suffered from a stress fracture givng birth and now they say that part of the bone has died. I have alot of questions about the surgery but being able to have another baby is my top concern. Right now I am a single mom but I would like to eventully get into a relationship and the idea of telling a man in there late 20's/eairly 30's that I can't have any more kids terrifys me. I am trying to find a doctor that does the mini incision surgery so I can recover faster because I am the sole caretaker of my daughter. I would like to talk with other people in similar situations about there experinces and maybe get some advice from people who have been through the surgery and sucsessfully had more children.

  • Pregnancy after hip replacementSheila, Tue Nov 25 3:52pm
    I'm 32-years old and need a hip replacement because of avascular necrosis in my right hip. My husband and I would still like to have children. Is it safe to become pregnant after a hip replacement?... more
    • Pegnancy after hip replacement — Kim, Mon Feb 19 12:06am
      • hip replacementMegan, Mon Aug 13 3:59pm
        I'm 22 years old, I live in Kittanning, Pennsylvania. All throughout highschool I ran track and crosscountry, and I swam on the swimteam from the age of 7 until I was too old (about 18) I then... more
      • pregnancy after hip replacementLiz, Fri Apr 13 5:00pm
        Hi Kim, I am 29 years old. I had a "slipped hip" at age 11 and had a routine operation to pin it back in place. Unfortunately I got an infection which resulted in 4 more operations and eventually a... more
        • Re: pregnancy after hip replacementPauline, Sun Apr 15 8:34am
          Thank you for sharing your wonderful story of successful pregnancy after hip replacement. Younger patients are having total hip arthroplasty now, and a woman who has had such a procedure may want to... more
      • pregnancy after hip replacementAnita, Mon Apr 2 1:12pm
        Almost 2 months ago, I gave birth to my second child. This one was after a total hip replacement of my right hip. Everything went well, although the further along I got in my pregnancy, I did feel... more
        • AVNAnonymous, Wed Aug 4 4:53am
          Hi Anita Thanx a lot fo sharing this.I m 35 suffering from bilateral necrosis of hip joint. Got married 5 months back had one miscarriage.Unable to decide whether to go in for child or THR first???
          • Hip Replacement before PregnancyPauline, Thu Aug 5 4:45pm
            I highly recommend having hip replacement prior to pregnancy. I developed AVN during my pregnancy and experienced having a very young child with intense hip pain. My debilitating hip pain negatively... more
            • ThanxAnonymous, Sat Aug 7 1:48am
              Thanx a lot Pauline...Just wanna ask do u know after replacement after how much time i can satrt family...Thanx..
              • Re: ThanxDr. Swanson, Mon Aug 23 11:35am
                I donít think there is any hard and fast rule, but if someone got pregnant even right after the surgery, there would really be no risk because the only risk of infection would occur at childbirth 9... more
        • Re: pregnancy after hip replacementAnonymous, Tue Jul 14 2:29pm
          Hi, What type of hip implant do you have?
        • Re: pregnancy after hip replacementPauline, Tue Apr 3 6:39am
          Anita, Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. It is wonderful to hear your happy ending. Enjoy those babies! Best Wishes, Pauline
      • pregnancyKathy, Thu Feb 22 7:48pm
        Hi Kim, Yes, please feel free to contact me. I am busy with a 2 year old and a 7 month old (both born after my total hip with no problems), but can try to answer any questions you may have. I am so... more
      • Re: Pegnancy after hip replacementPauline, Wed Feb 21 4:27am
        Pregnancy and childbirth can occur successfully in patients who have a total hip replacement, according to two recent studies. Pregnancy and childbirth not detrimental after total hip replacement,... more
    • pregnancy after hip replacementAnita, Wed Sep 6 12:47am
      I am 35 years old, 1 year and 2 months post op after a total hip replacement of my right hip due to avascular necrosis, and 16 weeks pregnant! I do feel some effects of my hip condition. I am... more
      • Anyone with a furlong hip?emilia, Mon Apr 11 6:55am
        I am 36 years old with avascular necrosis in my right hip. They are recommending a total hip replacement using the Furlong prosthesis for me since I am in Europe and that is what they use here. I... more
      • emwags@sbcglobal.netemily wagner, Fri May 25 5:16am
        wobdering if everyone who has had baby after total hip had c section. i did and sometimes wondering if i didnt need to. i was afraid of dislcationg during labor. i have bilatereal total hips. thanks!!
      • Re: pregnancy after hip replacementStacy R. Grenier, Wed May 23 7:28pm
        I am a 30 year old female with a THR and I am 12 weeks pregnant. I am 8 months post-op and I have been put on toe touch weight wearing only for the past month. I have been told that I can not do any... more
        • Re: pregnancy after hip replacementDr. Swanson, Mon May 28 11:44am
          Iím confused as to why you would be made toe touch weight bearing 8 months post-op. Was that done because of the pregnancy? In general, it is agreed by almost all orthopaedic surgeons that a patient... more
          • Hip replacement and pregnancyStacy R. Grenier, Mon May 28 1:06pm
            Hello, Thank you for your response. I was tolal weight bearing at 6 weeks post op. and was fine until Nov 06 when I had a fall. I was still total weight bearing, but I was taking Ibuprofin quite... more
            • hip replacement & pregnancyTodd Swanson, MD, Sat Jun 2 4:52pm
              Well, unfortunately, it sounds like your physician suspects that you have a loose femoral component. I would have to agree from your description. In general, it is best to avoid radiographs while... more
        • pregnancy after hip replacementAnita, Thu May 24 2:57am
          I recently had my second child, c-section, which was about a year and a half after my total hip replacement. I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis in my right hip 2 months after my first child. Now ... more
      • Re: pregnancy after hip replacementKathy, Fri Sep 8 6:28am
        We now have two babies since my hip replacement! We are doing well. No problems with either pregnancy and delivery. I'm a bit swamped with the baby.. please contact me via email as ... more
        • re: pregnancy after hip replacementAnita, Fri Sep 15 7:03am
          Kathy, Thanks for the response. I would love to hear more of your story to compare notes, and congratulations on 2 babies. Thanks for your e-mail address. When I have more time I will e-mail you... more
        • Re: pregnancy after hip replacementPauline, Sat Sep 9 8:28am
          Kathy received a ceramic/ceramic hip replacement from Dr. Swanson in 2002 due to congenital hip dysplasia. You can read her hip replacement story at more
      • how soon can I get pregnant?michelle, Wed Sep 6 9:26pm
        I had a THR on July 10th and I am doing well. I'm not in any rush to get pregnant, but do wonder should I wait a certain length of time after haing the THR? thanks
    • Pregnancy after hip replacementPauline, Fri Nov 28 4:35pm
      Pregnancy and childbirth can occur successfully in patients who have a total hip replacement, according to two recent studies. Pregnancy and childbirth not detrimental after total hip replacement,... more
      • Re: Pregnancy after hip replacementElisabeth, Sun Nov 30 7:18am
        Women of childbearing age should probably avoid metal/metal bearings (THR or resurfacing), because of potential toxicity to a fetus from the metal wear debris. There is no proof, either way, so... more
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