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Todd Swanson, MD
hip replacement & pregnancy
Sat Jun 2, 2007 4:52pm

Well, unfortunately, it sounds like your physician suspects that you have a loose femoral component. I would have to agree from your description. In general, it is best to avoid radiographs while pregnant, although the risk to the baby decreases as it matures (the highest risk is in the first trimester). Unless you have a sudden change in your symptoms, I would generally avoid an x-ray during your pregnancy. Only under a very unusual circumstance would the revision surgery need to be done during the pregnancy (like a fracture, for instance).

If you do have a loose femoral component, it is probably best to avoid high level activities as well. The more the loose component moves around with activities, the higher the likelihood that more bone may be lost.

Unless you have had problems with dislocation previously, I don't expect that you will dislocate with a normal vaginal delivery. In the lithotomy position, the hip remains in a very stable position.

The issue of metal ions and the fetus is not well understood. I don't know that we have enough information to say what the risks are and what the extent of the risk is. However, there is enough uncertainty that most of us recommend against metal-metal bearings in women who may become pregnant.

Good luck with your pregnancy, and congratulations!

  • Hip replacement and pregnancyStacy R. Grenier, Mon May 28 1:06pm
    Hello, Thank you for your response. I was tolal weight bearing at 6 weeks post op. and was fine until Nov 06 when I had a fall. I was still total weight bearing, but I was taking Ibuprofin quite... more
    • hip replacement & pregnancy — Todd Swanson, MD, Sat Jun 2 4:52pm
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