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question for Bridget
Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:11am

Now that it's been awhile, have your legs evened out?

  • leg length discrepancyBridget, Thu Jun 5 7:16pm
    I am going through the same thing. I had my THR on May 19 and I noticed my operated leg is much longer. Everyone keeps talking about shoe lifts or having my shoes rebuilt. It's not that easy for me.... more
    • question for Bridget — amyjane, Tue Apr 14 7:11am
    • Re: leg length discrepancyPauline, Fri Jun 6 4:19am
      Bridget, You are still in the eary stages of recovery from hip replacement. Your body will be healing and realigning for some time. I have a small leg length discrepancy which at first seemed... more
      • HR rehabjh, Fri Apr 17 7:18pm
        Thank you so much for a very helpful message. I have ordered the book and will follow your pelvic exercises.
        • Re: HR rehabPauline, Sat Apr 18 7:34am
          Best wishes with your rehab. It has been 8 years since I had my hip replaced by Dr. Swanson. I have never had hip pain and my hip is incredibly stable. There is life after hip replacement - a... more
          • Re: HR rehabamyjane, Sun Apr 19 5:40am
            Pauline, How long did your recovery really take? At first I heard 3 months, now I hear 6-12 months? Just not sure what to expect? Thanks! Amy
            • RecoverySue, Mon Apr 20 8:01am
              Your recovery is in stages, you will not wake up and suddenly feel healed. You will start to see small changes even in the first couple of weeks and it will keep getting better. I am ten months out... more
            • Re: HR rehabPauline, Mon Apr 20 8:00am
              Amy, Recovery from hip replacement has different stages. At one week post-op I no longer took pain pills. At three weeks post-op I was able to return to work full time. I don't remember having any... more
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