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Re: HR rehab
Mon Apr 20, 2009 8:00am


Recovery from hip replacement has different stages. At one week post-op I no longer took pain pills. At three weeks post-op I was able to return to work full time. I don't remember having any pain at this time. At six weeks post-op I was released from all precautions by Dr. Swanson. I no longer had a limp, but I was weaker and less flexible on my operated leg. I began a steady work out program including riding a stationary bike and weight lifting. Within 1-2 months my leg strength and flexibility was equal on both legs. Hip replacement recovery is definitely not a 6-12 months process. A patient's recovery is influenced by their general strength and health prior to the operation. However, the majority of Dr. Swanson's patient are generally recovered by 6 weeks post-op. You can read more about preparation and recovery from hip replacement surgery at

Best Wishes,

  • Re: HR rehabamyjane, Sun Apr 19 5:40am
    Pauline, How long did your recovery really take? At first I heard 3 months, now I hear 6-12 months? Just not sure what to expect? Thanks! Amy
    • RecoverySue, Mon Apr 20 8:01am
      Your recovery is in stages, you will not wake up and suddenly feel healed. You will start to see small changes even in the first couple of weeks and it will keep getting better. I am ten months out... more
    • Re: HR rehab — Pauline, Mon Apr 20 8:00am
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