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Mon Apr 20, 2009 8:01am

Your recovery is in stages, you will not wake up and suddenly feel healed. You will start to see small changes even in the first couple of weeks and it will keep getting better. I am ten months out of hip resurfacing and still feel improvements, just not as big now as in the beginning. You will be off the cane in about nine to ten weeks, that is the first big step. After that you will just feel more strength and flexibility come back. You will feel it from the bottom of your leg first and then improve upward each week.

I am a professional dancer/teacher, so for what I need to do, it has been a year recovery. I have been working as a dancer teacher since six weeks out, I did not perform professionally for seven months, but my movement has improved along the rest of the year.

It has been worth it, but you will be tired for awhile, it took five and half months before my energy came back. Do your rehab faithfully, I found walking in the pool to be helpful and just feels good to not limp.

Take care,


  • Re: HR rehabamyjane, Sun Apr 19 5:40am
    Pauline, How long did your recovery really take? At first I heard 3 months, now I hear 6-12 months? Just not sure what to expect? Thanks! Amy
    • Recovery — Sue, Mon Apr 20 8:01am
    • Re: HR rehabPauline, Mon Apr 20 8:00am
      Amy, Recovery from hip replacement has different stages. At one week post-op I no longer took pain pills. At three weeks post-op I was able to return to work full time. I don't remember having any... more
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