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Sony Help
Wed Oct 24, 2007 6:04pm (XFF:

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  • sony shutdownfrancis, Mon Oct 11 9:11am
    kv32fs16: high voltage comes on for 5 sec than shut off. look for c628: 100uf-25v on yhe 9v line output ic.
    • sony tv model kv-20M10Cboyax, Mon Oct 17 10:09pm
      pa help sa sony tv model kv-20M10C mataas ang boltahe sa horizontal output,power shuttdown
      • Re: sony tv model kv-20M10CAnonymous, Tue Oct 18 4:50pm
        Not sure your problem but did find this if it's a shutdown problem. REPLACE C517 "A" BOARD. OPEN AND 60 CYCLE GETTING IN THE 13V LINE THAT TRIGGERS THE SHUTDOWN ON. 470MFD 16V.
    • Sony Help — mrhenrybell, Wed Oct 24 6:04pm
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