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Mon Sep 6, 2004 11:11am (XFF:

Emerson TV TC1372
Complaint: Dead set
The TV had power, but there was very high ripple on the standby power line. C408, the standby power filter, was open. (C408 33uf 250V)

Emerson TV TC1972D
Complaint: No picture just a line in the center of the screen.
The vertical was intermittent. IC401 had loose solder connections on the pins. The heatsink ground pins should also be soldered as they act as jumpers between grounds. IC401 is a LA7837

  • EMERSON-ORION TECH-TIPSHarry, Wed Dec 17 6:05pm
    Orion Model:TV1928 Chassis:N/A Degauss relay clicks when power button pressed. Nothing else.No input power to regulator. Replace R502, 3.9 ohm 7watt surge resistor. Emerson Model:MS250RA Chassis:... more
    • Emerson — Harry, Mon Sep 6 11:11am
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