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Mon Sep 6, 2004 11:15am (XFF:

Funai TV FTV13TE (same as Symphonic ST131E Sams 3727)
Complaint: Shuts off after a few minutes
The 135V line measured 150V. Q601 and Q602 in the 135V regulator circuit were shorted. Q601 (P/N QQQZ02SD1409) Q602 (P/N QQSR02SC1473 or ECG399)

  • FUNAI - SYMPHONICHarry, Thu Dec 18 3:34pm
    Symphonic Model:TVCR13B1C Chassis: Dead. Replaced open C32 (100UF 160V), also check C09 (4.7UF 160V). Symphonic Model:TVCR19E1 Chassis: ntermittent dead c604 33uf 10volt capacitor in p/s Funai... more
    • Funai — Harry, Mon Sep 6 11:15am
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