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Hitachi TV & vcrs
Mon Sep 6, 2004 11:17am (XFF:

Hitachi TV CT2646
Customer Complaint: 3 black bar at the top of the picture.
There was a black bar at the top of the raster, and there was no vertical foldover. C604 a 33uf 160V capacitor was open. C604 filters the 91V source.(Sams 2421-1)

Hitachi TV CT7880B
Customer Complaint: Dead
F904 was open. There was a short on the 26V line. IC401 the audio output IC was shorted. (IC401 LA4270)

Hitachi CU4601
Customer Complaint: Picture jumps
The video had sync problems it would pull sideways and the vertical hold was unstable. C302 in the sync buffer circuit was leaky. (C302 4.7uf 25V)

Hitachi 27CX5B
Complaint: The sound is ok but the screen is black.
The TV had sound and high voltage, but the filaments of the CRT were not on. The filaments run off a winding on the flyback. I checked and for the drive waveform at the flyback and it was ok. I found the waveform missing on the CRT side of L804. I checked filter capacitor CBH1 a .022uf capacitor and it was shorted. Replacing CBH1 repaired the TV.

Hitachi 27UX5B
Customer Complaint: Plays then goes dead
The TV would play ok, but when turned off it would not turn back on. I checked the horizontal oscillator and it was ok. The voltage on Q701, the horizontal driver transistor, was missing. The startup zener Diode D744 was intermittent when hot, so the TV would only startup when cold. D744 HZS12A2 or ECG5021A

Hitachi 46UX10
Customer Complaint: No light on the screen, has noise for sound.
There was no high voltage caused by no horizontal drive. T701, the horiz. drive transformer had poor solder connections. Soldering T701 repaired the TV

Hitachi 46UX21KA
Customer Complaint: Dead
The Tv was dead and the cause was no standby power. C956 was shorted. Replacing C956 repaired the TV. (C956 1000uf 16V)

Hitachi 50EX20B
Customer Complaint: Dead set
The TV was dead and the line fuse was open. After replacing the fuse the set was still dead. The relay drive transistor Q004, which is located on the signal board, was shorted. After replacing it, Q004 was overheating. D909 relay damper diode was shorted. Replacing both Q004 and D909 replaied the set.

Hitachi 50UX22B22
Customer Complaint: No picture
The TV would turn on and had HV but no sound, picture, or OSD. Q706 in one of the many protect circuits was open. (Q701 2SC458 or NTE85)

Hitachi VCR VT-F551A
Customer Complaint: Lines in the picture
There were only thin lines when a tape was played. E to E was ok. The video head cylinder motor was running too fast. C626 and C619 in the cyl servo circuit were leaking. (C626 4.7uf @ 25V; C619 4.7uf @ 25V)

Hitachi VCR VT-F551A
Customer Complaint: Tracking lines in picture and can't adjust.
The auto tracking display was flashing and the picture would not lock. C620 and C621 were leaking. (C620 10uf @ 16V; C621 .47uf @ 50V)

  • HITACHIHarry, Thu Dec 18 3:38pm
    Hitachi Model 50UX58B Chassis:AP8X Will not power up Zener Diodes in primary of power supply D906,D907, D910,D911. Comments:This applies to most of the Hitachi projection tvs from 1995 to... more
    • Hitachi TV & vcrs — Harry, Mon Sep 6 11:17am
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