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Mon Sep 6, 2004 11:33am (XFF:

Sharp TV 13SB50
Customer Complaint: Poor sound
The TV had a hum in the audio. Replace capacitors C1702 220uf 16V, C1705 10uf 160V, and C1706 100uf 35V .

Sharp TV 20H-S100
Customer Complaint: No picture or sound
The TV had a horizontal line across the center of the screen. There was no vertical deflection or sound. The 9V line was down to 5V. IC751 the 9V regulator was defective. Replacing it restored the vertical deflection and audio. (IC751 KIA7809PI or NTE1966)

Sharp TV 25A-M100H
Customer Complaint: Dead; just makes a clicking sound
The TV had standby power and the relay would click when the on button was pushed. I found a broken connection on the switch side of the relay RY701.

Sharp (Optonica) TV 27NL20
Customer Complaint: The TV won't turn off
The TV would turn on ok, but could not be turned off. The standby power measured ok, but using a scope I found a large amount of ripple. C2705 a 470uf @ 16V was open. This is the filter capacitor for the 12V standby power circuit.

Sharp TV 27C-S300
Customer Complaint: Only a horizontal line across the center to the screen.
There was no vertical output. The vertical output IC501 was open. After replacing the IC, it ran very hot and I found C509, the filter capacitor for the 35V line, had decreased in value. Replacing both the IC and capacitor repaired the TV. (IC501 LA7838) (C509 2200uf 35V)
Sharp TV 27RU649
Customer Complaint: No picture after playing.
The TV would play then loose high voltage. I found loose connections on T2601 the horizontal driver transformer.

Sharp TV 27RV79
Customer Complaint: Dead set
TV had standby power, but the relay would not engage when the power button was pushed. Relay drive transistor Q1501 was open and diode D2708 was shorted. Replacing them repaired the TV. Q1501 {2SC945Q} or (ECG85}D2708 {1SS119) or {NTE519}

  • Re: SHARPAnonymous, Thu Dec 25 4:09pm
    Sharp 25MT57 At turn on Set "ticks" only. IHVT arching to shield at top of focus control. Cut and remove edge of shield and clean and seal focus control with silicone seal. Sharp 25K-M100 VIDEO AUDIO ... more
    • Sharp — Anonymous, Mon Sep 6 11:33am
      • Re: SharpAnonymous, Sun Oct 10 8:00pm
        Sharp CMR10019 TV will not hold purity. Factory upgrade needs to be done Modification Kit Part number BCQ-19RM100/1 Installed the resistor R495 value 82 ohms. . Put the diode D757 Diode 1A (Orange... more
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