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Re: Sharp
Sun Oct 10, 2004 8:00pm (XFF:

Sharp CMR10019
TV will not hold purity.
Factory upgrade needs to be done Modification Kit Part number BCQ-19RM100/1 Installed the resistor R495 value 82 ohms. . Put the diode D757 Diode 1A (Orange body with blue polarity).. Relay goes to location RY701.. Put the thermistor in location PR702.. Put the diode (Black body with black polarity) location D752.

Sharp 25RU79
Shutdown Power will go off at random and will hear a tic tic sound from the flyback area.
Remove AC power and reapply it, and turn on set and everything is normal again. Checked caps in power supply with esr meter. Resoldered I.C 701and Horz drive transformer . Tried pressing on board while tv is on to find a intermitting but can't make tv turn off. Also left side of picture has a 2" vertical shading that you can only see when picture is dark. This is not related to the power problen since the customer said it has had the shading for years.
It requires a Sharp modification kit. Remove jumper J423 from PWB-A Install a 2.7 to 3.3 ohm resistor 15W in its place. Change R633 from the 15K to a 6.8K. This will correct the problem.

Sharp 27N-S300
V-chip TV got several channels locked out due to a forgotten "secret code" for the V-chip.
To clear all the lock out codes get the message up on the screen to enter "the secret code" then using the front panel controls press the volume up and the Channel down buttons together until the message disappears, then press the Menu button twice. This should clear the locked out condition.

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