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Bob Strachan
Wow, a voice from the past
Sat Mar 28, 2009 12:31 (XFF: unknown)

Who doesn't remember Ernie Skillern. Never worked with you personally much. Just shot the breeze with you. Got to work more with Depo Dan Chadavich. (not sure I spelled that correctly). I was B-Shop at Cannon in Yellow section from 1982 to 1985.

  • F-111 Tech Rep and maint. man, CannonErnie Skillern, Sun Jan 18 01:31
    i just joined facebook. If you remember me from the flight line, let me know. Ernie 1972-2001, Cannon
    • 27 AMSRick Vlymen, Wed Jul 22 14:43
      Ernie, Iremember you from A shop and attended one of your FTD classes.
      • FTD instructorErnie Skillern, Fri Aug 14 17:55
        Hello Rick, i have seen your name in the a lot. I was an instructor for 6 1/2 years at FTD. I was also in AFETS on the flight line for 21 years. What are you doing these days? Where are... more
    • Wow, a voice from the past — Bob Strachan, Sat Mar 28 12:31
      • Retired in ClovisErnie Skillern, Fri Jul 3 00:26
        Hi, Very good to hear from you. I had many TDYs to McClennen and the depot line. It was really good to see the work out there. I had 18 years at Cannon as AFETS and 2 1/2 at Aviano AB and loved it. I ... more
        • Underwriting in Rapid City, SDBob Strachan, Fri Jul 3 08:16
          Heya! I was hoping you might remember me. If you run into Dan tell him I said hi, not sure he'd remember exactly who I am. You tech reps got to work with so many of us over the years. I went into... more
      • Ernie/Bob and all you other Ex-'Vark keepersDavid Fox, Thu Apr 9 22:55
        Good to see y'all are still kickin'. Ernie, Will have to check out that F111 facebook reference. Bob Strachan, OMG! Lance, See you're here too! Wow! Everyone else I know/knew/haven't met. /Salute... more
        • EF-111AJason Norton, Sun Jun 21 20:22
          Hey guys. I didnt recognize any of the names but, I was an engine troop with the 429th from 1992 to 1996 at Cannon AFB.
        • David Fox?Anonymous, Fri Apr 10 09:19
          Not THE David Fox! I hear tale you could sit in a cockpit and troubleshoot just about any problem in 10 minutes. Salute back at ya! Good to hear from you. After I left Cannon I went into insurance.... more
          • BobDavid Fox, Fri Apr 10 18:35
            Tales and rememberances of my troubleshooting mastery seem to be getting exaggerated over time. (not a bad thing of course) But, wasn't it you that cured a vark with a flight control comp problem by... more
            • Faith healingBob Strachan, Fri Apr 10 18:41
              I got to watch that particular event. As for myself I had to do it the old fashioned way. Panel fasteners, speed handles and let's never forget the 623's and the screw bags. Don't want QA to get... more
              • CorrectionBob Strachan, Sun Apr 12 11:38
                Not 623's, (training forms). I meant 781's I think, the aircraft maintenance forms. Oh well.
                • RE: CorrectionDavid Fox, Thu Apr 30 18:24
                  No worries there Bob. The numbers tend to fade over time. A bit of a correction on my recollection of the "Faith Healed" "Yellow Tail" FCC problem; Pretty sure it was a smack on the 1101 panel not... more
    • I know youRick Sullivan, Sat Mar 21 09:21
      Hi Ernie, I know you. We worked together many times on the flight line...let me know if you get this.. email me at
      • KoepErnie Skillern, Wed Jul 8 16:26
        Hi Rick, Doing good here in Clovis. Tom Koepplinger is here from Phoenix for a few days. I told him I hear from you. Said to say hello. His son lives here and works on Cannon. Ernie
      • Hi Ernie!Lance Martin, Tue Apr 7 20:21
        Hi Erni, You probably don't remeber me, I was a C-shopper in the 522 82-86 and 92-97...
        • nuttin'mario (marty), Mon Jul 27 23:22
          Lance! How are ya? I was radar 522, 82-86
        • Old F-111 manErnie Skillern , Thu Jul 2 23:48
          Hi Lance, I do remember you. Sorry to be so slow in the answer. I travel a lot and do not go to F-111 net so much. I do use Face book and have talked to some great F-111 guys. I finished my AFETS... more
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