Mon Jul 27, 2009 23:15

As I recall an F model did a highspeed run over the North Sea sometime between 79 & 81 while I was at the Heath. burned alot of paint off, ripped off the bullet, Mach Ind was stuck @ 2.8...not sure if this is valid

  • F-111 Top Mach?Cedric "Mitch" Mitchell, Fri Apr 24 23:54
    Can any of you F-111 drivers out there tell me the fastest you've ever flown an F-111? Any model at any time. I seem to remember hearing that the "A" model was the fastest. I do know of an "F" model... more
    • Reply to MitchPatrick Flohe , Mon Mar 17 07:31
      Mitch, Could that F model from McClellan, be 70-2400? I know that A & C models both had smaller engine intakes, but were otherwise the same, aerodynamically, to other F-111s. -Aside from the longer... more
      • F-111 TOP SPEEDAARDVARK151, Tue Jan 30 07:09
        Stationed at Edwards, late 70s, as a jet mech, trimmed our F-111D, and with its electronic fuel controlled engine, it made a speed run, hitting MACH 2.87, at which point it departed controlled... more
    • F-111 Top speedformerf-16crewchief, Mon May 14 00:52
      I had a few buddies in the AF that worked at Lakenheath when the Libya ("L.akenheath I.s B.oming Y.our raids occurred, several of them reported broken ASIs on their aircraft *stuck* at over... more
      • f 111 top unf.speedtotingun, Sun Mar 16 18:17
        I built them and pilots unident have told me the exact same thing!
    • Fastest F-111 speedTEZZA, Sun Sep 4 07:15
      Was by an Australian Pilot called Jack Lynch - the airforce had to get special permission from manufacturers and it was on a surveillance camera test over water in Australia. Jack though he was going ... more
      • Fastest F-111 SpeedJack Lynch, Sun Mar 1 06:06
        Hi folks!I am certainly still alive, in Brisbane, age 71 as of 01 Mar 15. I wish to correct the record. From my logbook. Crew PLT SQNLDR Jack Lynch (me) / NAV FLTLT Martin Chalk. The flight was over... more
        • F-111 SpeedJack Lynch, Sun Mar 1 06:24
          Sorry I forgot a couple of details. Aircraft was the prototype RF-111C A8-126, 14 Dec 1979. Jack Lynch
          • F-111 SpeedPatrick Flohe, Mon Mar 2 11:22
            Jack, do yu have any photos?
            • F-111 SpeedJack Lynch, Mon Mar 2 15:41
              Patrick, unfortunately no photos. The wake would have been a good shot. Cheers Jack
      • F-111 top speedPatrick Flohe , Mon Mar 17 07:16
        I totally believe your account, TEZZA....I've heard a few similar stories of a top speed for a Vark....I wish there was film / photos of that flight!
      • Re: Fastest F-111 speedTasman, Wed Dec 7 09:52
        The F-111c (1SQN RAAF) has a top speed of Mach 2.8. I know because where I live, the F-111 is the only aircraft everyone knows and I know a few of the pilots that have now transferred onto the F/A-18F
        • Mach 2.8Dick Downtown Brown, Mon Aug 8 14:58
          I really doubt that a F111C could reach those speeds. The only airplane with enough thrust would have been the F Model. The C model thrust i cannot remember but i know that the D and the F were ahead ... more
        • Max Mach, indicated vs actualPaul.Raveling, Sat Dec 17 19:57
          A lot of messages in this discussion refer to going to Mach 2.8. The F-111 Central Air Data Computer clamped the Mach number output at 2.8, so a reading of 2.8 really meant "something faster than 2.8 ... more
    • Mach Runmahoneydm, Thu Mar 25 19:28
      I don't know about the speed of the run, but I have photos of a jet dropped into BAE for depot maintenance in Bristol England after a mach run. Paint blistered inside the nose gear well, MO readily... more
      • Mach RunDavid de Botton, Fri Mar 26 14:47
        Dan please email me those images - Do the images show the tail number ? Cheers David
        • Mach RunAnonymous, Sun Mar 28 16:51
          David Yes, they do, unfortuantley the photos are in my office, and I am returning to the states from england in the morning. When I get back to the UK I will scan them and get them to you. It will be ... more
          • F-111 photosPatrick , Mon Mar 17 07:08
            Dan, I'd like those photos, too. I'm wondering if maybe that was my aircraft! Anyway, looking for any pictures of 70-2412, that you may have. -or anyone else....
    • Cedric 'Mitch" MitchellJeff Whitaker, Tue Dec 22 16:20
      Trying to connect with Mitch-Cedric 'Mitch' Mitchell. If you are out there please respond. Long time no hear- Just wanting to catch up on what you are doing. Jeff
      • Happy Holidays to allStephen Schaub, Wed Dec 23 11:06
        I'd just like to offer up a holiday greeting to all past F-111 weenies out there a MFC and a HGDNY. I'm sure this will get through.......
    • Last US upgrade F-111?Brian, Tue Oct 6 18:17
      After my father-in-law retired from GD he told me about 2 F-111's that an AF General requested upgrades to both the instrument package and engines. I think it was about the same time as the F-18's... more
    • Mach — mario, Mon Jul 27 23:15
      • F111 speed Jay, Fri Sep 7 23:29
        Having been stationed in England 84-87 and talking to a few F111 pilots at Upper Heyford, I've been told off the record that it was actually the fastest fighter or fighter bomber in a straight out... more
    • Re: F-111 Top Mach?Anonymous, Tue Jun 30 09:09
      One more item about how fast. How fast is kind of a "my dog is bigger than your dog" thing. 1. There has never been a supersonic dog fight. 2. When I flew you could not shoot a missle when supersonic ... more
      • Speed ReplyPatrick Flohe, Mon Mar 17 07:41
        True enough, Anonymous, but then, our F-111s were there in Europe for the Cold War stand-off against the USSR, and nukes could be carried at speed. The way I understood it, supersonic bomb run was... more
        • Reply to my previous postingPatrick Flohe, Mon Mar 17 08:59
          I forgot to mention that, while the F-111 was nominally designated a fighter, and some carried a gun, and we did carry sidewinders, these were mainly for using in strafing and self defense. It was... more
        • mach speed F-111AAnonymous, Mon Mar 17 08:44
          I asked one of our 428th TFS Pilots about this issue of Mach 2.4+ in F-111A's when I was at Nellis circa 1971. The answer I got was that they all had different top speeds because the panels were... more
    • Re: F-111 Top Mach?Anonymous, Mon Jun 29 08:18
      A lot of interesting comments about top speed. The one about the FB going 2.8 - I would not bank on that as fact -why? The FB had the second least thrust next to the A but the A was faster because of ... more
      • Top MachMike Murphy, Tue Jun 30 08:00
        Thanks for your insight Dick. However I believe the FB-111/F-111G had the second MOST thrust behind the F model, not the second least. The TF-30-P107s made close to 20,500 lbs of thrust each, more... more
        • Re: Top MachDick Brown, Tue Jun 30 08:44
          I had different numbers for the thrust rates for the different engines: TF30-P-107 19,980 lb FB-111A/G - since the FB/G weighed more and had a larger wing I would suspect that this affected the top... more
          • Reply / Engine ThrustPatrick Flohe , Mon Mar 17 07:56
            As, Cs, & Es all had the P-3 engines, and were rated at 18,500 pounds of thrust. The Cs were eventually a upgraded to a hybrid engine, with thrust similar to the FB or the D model. An Aussie told me... more
    • F-111 Top Mach?Paul Holmes, Wed May 27 16:06
      We had an FCF F model 892 came back with everything blistered and melted (required a new radome), he said he ran the Mach tape out at the same time he ran out of North Sea corridor. We also flew B... more
    • Top MachMike Murphy, Wed Apr 29 09:32
      I remember recovering one of our FB-111s (68-0249) and the crew had told me they went 2.8 Mach. It too had melted paint in the spikes, burned decals, missing static dischargers, etc. A long standing... more
      • burnt tailErnie Skillern, Wed May 6 02:02
        Hello, I saw Bill Georogy come back after a test flight with the TAC patches burned off in Yellow section. He had a pilot from the Astronault program with him and was testing to be one. I really... more
      • MachTerry Fitzgerald, Thu Apr 30 11:02
        I was a crew chief at Lakenheath from 80 - 83 and worked in yellow section. We had an FCF crew fly one of our jets, can't remember tail number, but when it came back half of the right stab was gone... more
      • Top MachCedric "Mitch" Mitchell, Thu Apr 30 00:49
        You are correct about the "A" model having the least amount of thrust. However,there's more to going fast then just thurst. The biggest thing to overcome is drag. When they came up with the "E"... more
        • Inlets replyPatrick Flohe , Mon Mar 17 08:01
          The inlets on the Ds, Es, Fs, & FBs were made larger, and moved outboard farther to alleviate the all-too common compressor stalls by eliminating more of the turbulent boundary layer air close to the ... more
        • Top SpeedBob White, Fri May 1 13:29
          Mitch, Those engines you describe may very well have increased acceleration to Max Mach but the speed limit for aluminum airframes for all practical purposes, is 2.4M. All of the century series jets... more
          • Re: Top SpeedAnonymous, Mon May 11 16:53
            You are wrong. The system that you refer to was know as the Maximum Safe Mach Assembly or MSMA. It took inputs from the CADC (essentially Pressure Altitude, Airspeed, and Outside Air Temp.); not skin ... more
          • Re: Top SpeedAnonymous, Mon May 11 16:53
            You are wrong. The system that you refer to was know as the Maximum Safe Mach Assembly or MSMA. It took inputs from the CADC (essentially Pressure Altitude, Airspeed, and Outside Air Temp.); not skin ... more
          • Mach/Wing SweepMitch, Sat May 2 12:28
            Bob, That's interesting about the AL and Mach limit, I don't know that. Now, having given this some more thought, it brings up some more questions. Since the 111 was capable of high speed at high or... more
            • Swing wingsPatrick Flohe, Mon Mar 17 08:10
              The reasons that swing wings and escape capsules were not used in future designs, was mainly due to cost, complexity, and weight. -But more than anything, other wings were more easily made to be... more
            • Re: Mach/Wing SweepBill Myatt, Mon May 4 15:13
              Hay You Guys, Its kind of interesting that some of you guys mention the amount of fuel that the F-111's could and would carry. While I was at Takhli RTAFB Thailand in 1972 with the F-111A's from... more
              • Re: Mach/Wing SweepAnonymous, Thu Feb 18 19:30
                I was thre in 1968 with the 429th TFS. It was the first F-11 unit to go over.
                • I was At Takhli in 1968Anonymous, Thu Nov 18 21:21
                  Hello who are you and where did you work? I was with Harvest Reaper there in 1968 as a Crew Chief on F-111A 66-021 from Nellis AFB. james Sercey then i was Tsgt
                  • Who Am I?Anonymous, Fri Nov 19 18:26
                    Yes, I was with Harvest Reaper too. I had the Comm/Nav shop on the flight line. NAmne is Bob Clifton. We went over with Col. Dethman and came back with Murph. We spent a great deal over our time over ... more
              • Avionics weeniesSteve Schaub, Tue May 5 07:18
                Some of us are still around, and getting more round every day.
                • Cannon AFETSErnie Skillern, Wed May 6 01:56
                  Hi Steve, I am still in Clovis. Retired from AFETS after a 2 2/1 yr. in Aviano Italy. Best ever tour. Got to see many countries and lots of Italy. I was an Avionic AFETS for 18 years on the F-111. I... more
                  • Avionics WeeniesStephen T Schaub, Wed May 6 07:44
                    Worked at Nellis, flightline A-Shop, then went to Takhli, Thailand in 72-73. Wound up at Mountain Home until I got out in 74.
          • Max Speedjim murray, Sat May 2 10:35
            The FB's had the countdown timer also. 300 seconds I think it was.
        • MachMike Murphy, Thu Apr 30 09:03
          Thanks Mitch. I guess that make sense about the intakes. I remember being SO excited when the F-111s were going to get the GE F110 engines like the F-14 did resulting in almost 20% thrust increase,... more
          • Better EnginesAardvark, Tue May 12 03:16
            Can only wonder why the RAAF did not use the more efficient engine ?
    • Max MachBob White, Tue Apr 28 09:54
      I cannot personally come close, but some buddies who were FCF crew saw 2.8 Mach and accelerating in an 'F' model when I was at Mt. Home. I wasn't surprised, as that bird would go super on the deck... more
      • F-111F on the DeckCarl Boyer, Thu Aug 27 19:44
        I flew OV-10s and one of the guys in our squadron flew the F model out of Lakenheath before joining our unit. I asked him what their top speed was (this was in 1988) and he told me it was classified. ... more
      • Bob HartmannTom Bergam, Fri May 1 08:24
        Hey Bob, I think Bobbie Hartmann was a PWSO on the FCF that you are speaking of. I think he told me 2.8 accelerating and above Fl 500.
      • F-111C 2.5 MachTom Bergam, Wed Apr 29 16:57
        While on exchange with the Aussies in 1980-1982, flew an FCF at 2.5 Mach in a "C" model.
      • Max MachJim Murray, Wed Apr 29 11:26
        I knew of an FB that did 2.6 Mach.
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