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442 TFTS
Sun Oct 28, 2012 18:52

I was assigned to the 442 Tac Fighter Tr. Sq. at Nellis AFB 1968-1970 Can any one enlighten me on the history of this sq.? Aftere I left in may 1970 I have heard nothing of what happened to the sq. what happened to the ground crews , crew chiefs, asst.s ect.

    • ancient alienart espinoza, Sun Oct 28 22:53
      hi russell,you don't know me, but i just happen to be searching for a hint of once what was. i read your message and i got to tell you, i was giggiling after i read it. i was in the 428th tfsq in the ... more
      • still alive!James, Wed Jan 29 08:26
        Hello Art, yes there is still me alive that was in Harvest Reaper, Combat Lancer. Also a few more. It was a great time and a great bunch of guys to work with email me, and I will give names of a few... more
        • ancient alienArt Espinoza, Thu Feb 27 21:19
          Hello James, I'm rewriting this since I had to go back to the responses to my inquires. I almost deleted the F111 email (I'm glad I didn't) you made my day. There is a living dead. The aircraft was... more
          • ancient alienArt Espinoza, Thu Feb 27 21:23
            Oh James I almost forgot, the persons name is Richard Banville
        • 428TFS/LassiterSgt Watrous, Wed Jan 29 10:51
          I remember Lassiter in the 428th of the best Crew Chiefs...I worked with SSgt James Crabtree and Sgt Isaac Wynn on 67 NA 079....later on Mod O 67 NA 040...I met the Harvest Reaper guys like ... more
          • ancient alienArt, Tue Mar 4 22:01
            James,Allen, and all who are in an ears range. I want you to recall one project (to begin with) which, being crew chiefs and such I'm sure you will be formaliar with. The 428th got six... more
          • Harvest Reaper / Combat Lancer 428 TFSLassiter, Sat Mar 1 00:55
            Hey, heard my name had been tossed around. Those days were the best time of my life, I served with some of the best in the AF. Hello all.
            • 428 TFS Crew Chiefs etcSgt Romaine Watrous, Sat Mar 1 08:49
              Yes, Jim...I remember you well. I remember the short story that was comical involving Capt Barber et al. You are the only other B Flight Crew Chief I have managed to find still living. It appears... more
      • Harvest ReaperSgt Watrous, Tue Jan 28 08:07
        Harvest Reaper was real as were the 66 1F-111A's used during Harvest Reaper led by Col Seaver of the 428 TFS...I was at Nellis from 69-73 Grandmaster Ro, Wa-Ken Tal Kung Fu (Sgt Watrous U43171C)
      • 428 TFSAlan King, Mon Oct 29 11:34
        Hello Art I was a jet mech in the 429th from Apr 1968 to Jan 1973. I just checked Wikipedia and it shows as of May 2009 the 428th was at Mountain Home flying F15E. Over the years it has been inactive ... more
        • Nellis/Mountain Home - 428 TFSDouglas Dana, Wed Jan 14 08:46
          Hello, my name is Douglas father was assigned to the 428 TFS at Nellis I believe 68 - 74 as an AGE Mechanic later in 1972 that I believe he was assigned to the 474 TFG Wing Headquarters... more
          • DanaChuck Young, Thu Jan 15 07:14
            Hi Doug, I pretty sure I remember your Dad, the name anyway, (I couldn't pick him out of a lineup) if I remember right, he an I did a four month TDY stint down at White Sands, Holliman AFB New Mexico ... more
            • YoungDouglas Dana, Tue Jan 20 19:57
              Hello Chuck, just a short note to say "Thank You" for your response to my message...sorry it took me a while to answer. I talked to my father regarding the TDY to Holloman for the four months and he... more
        • Re: 428 TFSAnonymous, Sun Nov 4 19:07
          It closed in the 80's at Nellis after flying F-16's reactivated later at Cannon flying F-111E' and G's then later RSAF F-16's. It's now at MHAFB with the RSAF with F-15SG's
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