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AR/PHASE Maint/ Crash
Sun Feb 17, 2013 07:25

I remember quite well. I worked in phase docks/Ar 366oms. I also remember the crash which the air crew turned off the TFR and rode it on a mesa at the range. Or the one that the pilot could not shut 1 of the 2 Eng's down and bellied it on the runway and ejected.

  • F-111F Crash MHAFBBill Sadler, Sat Sep 8 23:10
    In late 75 or early 76 an F-111F crashed on Downwind. The a/c went into an uncontrolled roll and crashed inverted. The crew survived ejection but the WSO suffered back injuries. Does anyone remember... more
    • AR/PHASE Maint/ Crash — t.hice, Sun Feb 17 07:25
    • F-111F crashJim Murray, Sun Sep 9 15:21
      The info I have on F-111F crashes around that time is the following; 9/11/74 70-2395, 10/5/77 73-0718, 3/29/78 73-0717
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