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Sat Apr 13, 2013 10:53

It's been too many years, I was Ground Power, 428, 429 and even a short stint in the 430... 68,69,& 70

would love to find and talk to the guys I ran around with...

Terry Black.... I think NY
Steve Sherman... S. Cal
Bruce Beman..... Also NY??
TSgt Ronald J Wilomoski or Wilimoski Indiana?

Chuck Young (still in Nevada)(still with the Air force... Contractor)
661.275.8400 x 56488

    • AGEMike Rockel, Wed Apr 17 12:44
      Chuck, I think I remember you -- I was a crew chief in the 429th from late 69 thru Feb 72 after Tahkli. I believe that was you that showed me the burst titanium tire cage that a F-111 main tire took... more
      • AGEvegasmg, Fri Apr 19 07:24
        Yeah, that was me, althought, I have to admit Mike, I really don't remember you... that was right when I was getting out (70) I had put in for reassignment to Europe, and was told I had to stay right ... more
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