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Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:51

I remember Lassiter in the 428th of the best Crew Chiefs...I worked with SSgt James Crabtree and Sgt Isaac Wynn on 67 NA 079....later on Mod O 67 NA 040...I met the Harvest Reaper guys like Alcala, Hough,Badman, Perry etc...I worked in Mobility and got to know many in our sister squadrons...Sgt Tophinke and Rowden were our line chiefs...I remember all of it Sgt Watrous

  • still alive!James, Wed Jan 29 08:26
    Hello Art, yes there is still me alive that was in Harvest Reaper, Combat Lancer. Also a few more. It was a great time and a great bunch of guys to work with email me, and I will give names of a few... more
    • ancient alienArt Espinoza, Thu Feb 27 21:19
      Hello James, I'm rewriting this since I had to go back to the responses to my inquires. I almost deleted the F111 email (I'm glad I didn't) you made my day. There is a living dead. The aircraft was... more
      • ancient alienArt Espinoza, Thu Feb 27 21:23
        Oh James I almost forgot, the persons name is Richard Banville
    • 428TFS/Lassiter — Sgt Watrous, Wed Jan 29 10:51
      • ancient alienArt, Tue Mar 4 22:01
        James,Allen, and all who are in an ears range. I want you to recall one project (to begin with) which, being crew chiefs and such I'm sure you will be formaliar with. The 428th got six... more
      • Harvest Reaper / Combat Lancer 428 TFSLassiter, Sat Mar 1 00:55
        Hey, heard my name had been tossed around. Those days were the best time of my life, I served with some of the best in the AF. Hello all.
        • 428 TFS Crew Chiefs etcSgt Romaine Watrous, Sat Mar 1 08:49
          Yes, Jim...I remember you well. I remember the short story that was comical involving Capt Barber et al. You are the only other B Flight Crew Chief I have managed to find still living. It appears... more
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